The School organised an inter-school dance competition titled ‘Tapping Toes Competition’. Various schools were invited to send in their entries from Grades Nursey to II. The programme began with a formal welcome of the participants and guests, Dr Pragati Mishra, Mrs Bali and Mrs Pragya Sharma. The category of Pre-Primary group performed first on the theme of ‘Free-Style Western Dance’ form. The participants came dressed in colourful attire and used appropriate props. The participants of the Primary category danced on a variety of themes such as inner awakening, saving the girl-child, etc. While the judges were preparing the results, the guest-teachers also performed on the stage and the students cheered for them. The Head Girl, Charvee, delivered the Vote of Thanks. In the end, all the winners were given trophies.

‘Inspire others to dream more a leader is one who knows the ways, goes the way and shows the way.

Delegation of responsibility found its course in the Investiture Ceremony which was conducted in the School assembly ground at Apeejay Svran Global School. It was a momentous occasion wherein the newly appointed members of the Students’ Council marched ahead with the House Captain holding their respective flags. There was determination and grit on the faces of the students as they understood the confidence reposed in them. Mohnash Virmani and Asmi Panigrahi were appointed the Head Boy and the Head Girl of the School for the session 2017-18. The excitement of the new members was palpable as sashes and badges were invested ceremoniously by Mrs Mallika Arya, IRS and oath of office administered by the Principal of the School, Mrs Purnima Vohra. The students pledged to uphold the values of the institution and perform their duty with sincerity and diligence. Thereafter, the class prefects (boys and girls) were handed over their badges.

Upholding the vision of the Chairperson of the Apeejay Education Society, Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia, the newly elected council were reminded that they are the torch bearers of all the values that the School stands for. They should be role models and take up their responsibilities with commitment and integrity. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.

The School organised an inter-school sports meet ‘Junior Svran Olympics’ wherein the junior students of various play-schools were invited to participate in the event. The races organised for them were fun-races.

The programme began with a formal welcome of the Chief Guest and the participants. The students of the School presented a welcome song and the Meet was declared open by the Chief Guest.

The races were as follows:

  • Little Red Riding Hood (Pre-Nursery - Girls)
  • Colour Race (Pre-Nursery - Boys)
  • Shape Race (Nursery - Girls)
  • Frog and the Princess (Kindergarten - One Boy and One Girl)
  • Math-letics ( Grade I, One Participant)
  • Math-letics (Grade II, One Participant)
  • Lion and the Mouse (Nursery - Two Boys)
  • Little Chef Race ( Kindergarten - One Girl)
  • Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables ( Grade I - Two Boys)
  • Solve the Puzzle (Grade II - One Girl)
  • Birthday Race (Grade I - Two Girls)
  • Hurdle Race (Grade II - One Boy)

The Chief Guest addressed the participants in the end and the meet was declared closed by the Chief Guest. The students of our School also presented a Closing Song. The winners were given prizes.

The Camp comprised fun-filled activities related to Art and Craft, Lawn Tennis, Yoga, Badminton, Cricket, Taekwondo, Robotics and Abacus. The aim was to ensure that each child gets to participate in as many activities as possible.