The students of Apeejay Svran Global School celebrated World Peace Day wherein the celebration came as a culminating activity of a project titled ‘We are a Family of the World’. The project, based on wars, was aimed at familiarising the students with the aftermath, horrors and misery brought about by wars, and the importance of maintaining peace all around the world.

Through the day, students organised a special assembly consisting of a prayer, pledge, poem recitation, quiz, and write-up on peace. They formed the symbol of peace, made peace-badges, created posters and slogans, and held a peace-march in the neighbourhood.

An interactive session was also held with Capt. Manoj Loomba of the Indian Navy, who discussed with the students about the ever-preparedness of our military forces on our borders. They also learnt about the discipline and the rigorous training the armed forces undertake to be prepared all the time.

The students pledged to maintain peace and have cordial relations with others all the time.

World Peace Day