Faridabad, Nov 07, 2022: To observe the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, the students presented a special assembly on 7 November 2022. The students came dressed in traditional Sikh attire and the assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a demonstration of the customary ‘Prabhat Pheri’. Some students then came forward to share useful information relating to the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The chanting of the mool mantras instilled peace and tranquillity in the surroundings. The students presented Shabads (sacred song of the Sikhs) which seemed to awaken the dormant inner capacities of the audience.

Our honourable Principal, Ms. Priti Wason, appreciated the diversity and unity of India where people celebrate a variety of festivals. The best part of these celebrations is that the people respect each other’s traditions and rituals. At the conclusion of this assembly, the students were given the Kada Prashad as a mark of a sweet gift by the guru.

On Faridabad, Oct 31, 2022: The students celebrated ‘Haryana Day on 31 October 2022 with excitement and elation. They educated the audience about how the state of Haryana came into existence and other relevant history associated with it. For this purpose, they organised a short quiz wherein the audience energetically participated.

Class VIII students presented a melodious Haryanvi song which highlighted the specialities of Haryana. Thereafter, the students of Class IV performed a colourful picturesque Haryanvi dance dressed in the colourful cultural outfit of Haryana which aroused great exuberance among the audience. The celebration came to its conclusion with an introspecting patriotic thought:

Ask not what the country has done for you; ask what you have done for your country

On Faridabad, Oct 31, 2022: The students celebrated Halloween on 31st October 2022 with excitement and exuberance. The tiny tots came dressed as ghosts, witches, skeleton, vampires and monsters. They energetically participated in activities like Making Spooky Sandwiches and Spooky Dance.

Faridabad, October 30, 2022: To enhance the awareness about our rich culture among our students, Apeejay Svran Global School, Sector 21D, Faridabad, celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra and Durga Puja on 30 September 2022 with utmost excitement and exuberance.

The programme commenced with a group of students who educated the audience about the significance of this festival and the history associated with it. Another group of students elucidated the importance of Gandhi Jayanti and the principles of the father of our nation. Thereafter, the tiny tots came to the stage dressed in the attire of the nine goddesses of Navratri and introduced themselves to the audience about their powers and unique characteristics. This spectacle was quite heavenly and filled everyone's heart with glorification for women’s power.

The students of Class II and III sang the divine Ram Katha which made the audience quite emotional. Further, Class V students performed the magnificent 'Dhunuchi Dance' of West Bengal with boys dressed in Bengali Dhoti and Kurta and girls dressed in beautiful Bengali Sarees. The programme came to its successful conclusion with the address given by our honourable Principal ma'am who spread the valuable message of truth and honesty among the students.