• Story Writing in English and in Hindi
  • Writing an Advertisement (enactment of the advertisement)
  • Poster Making
  • Notice Writing
  • Poem Writing
  • Picture Composition

The students learnt that plays can be performed on any kind of stage, and in any kind of place. They can be based on mythology, history, fantasy or social causes. They learnt about the elements of performances, and types & genres of plays. The students performed two street plays on ‘The Environment’ and ‘Patriotism’.


The students learnt to whip up recipes using a variety of ingredients. They learnt that it is possible to prepare tasty meals without the use of fire. They learnt to make many healthful snacks:

  • Fruity Nutty Srikhand
  • Orange Tamrind Mocktail
  • Nutritive Chat
  • Choco Truffle
  • Mini Raj Kachori
  • Macroni Salad
  • Chana Chor Garam
  • Tri Colour Sandwich
  • Healthy Rice


A ‘Little Master Chef’s Activity’ was organised. This was a hands-on culinary programme to encourage creativity, imagination and exploration amongst the students to experience the joy of preparation and also develop organised and responsible habits.