Classes II to VIII

The following activities were conducted:

  • Poster making on ‘Save Earth’ in KolourPaint and setting it as wallpaper.
  • Drawing favourite cartoon characters
  • Paint a ‘Rainy Day’ scene and writing names of at least 10 tools used
  • Introduction to Stick Animator: Video shown on YouTube
  • Opening Stick Animator and moving the parts of figure
  • Adding frames and moving the figure
  • Editing and playing the animation
  • Loading pre-existing figures
  • Creating and deleting new figures
  • Saving the animation
  • Using the tools learnt to create a story
  • Kathak Initials - Basic steps of Kathak which includes footwork only.
  • Rhythmic - Students were asked to create their own steps for the rhythm given.
  • Aerobics - Advance steps of aerobics including different foot movements, hand movements, neck movements.
  • Ballet - Teach students to balance their toes to the floor.
  • Flamenco - Show some videos of flamenco dance and started initial steps of it.
  • Rajasthani Folk Dance /Kalbelia - Told them the difference between Rajasthani Dance and Kalbelia dance though they both belong to the same state.

The students learnt various postures of Yoga and their benefits. They learnt to play indoor games like carom and chess, and a variety of outdoor games like Football, Cricket, Throwball, Basketball, and Badminton. They learnt various skills and techniques through these games, for eg. regulated breathing, striking, tactics, attack/ defence, serving, dribbling, etc. They also learnt about World Yoga Day. The members of the staff had a one hour yoga session on this day.


  • CARROM - Rules & Regulations/Striking.
  • CHESS - Rules & Regulations/ Laying of chess board.
  • BOWLING ALLEY- Rules & Regulations/ Stance & rolling of the ball.
  • BASKETBALL - Rules & Regulations/ Dribbling& shooting.
  • FOOTBALL - Rules & Regulations/Dribbling, kicking, stopping & passing.


  • FOOTBALL - Dribbling, passing & Dodging with match practice.
  • CRICKET - Rules & regulations/Defense, Drive, Sweep shot, & match practice.
  • BADMINTON - Rules & regulations/ Serving & dropping with match practice.
  • CARROM - Rules & regulations/ Striking and rebounding.
  • CHESS - Rules & regulations/ Positioning & moves.


  • VOLLEYBALL - Rules & regulations/ Serving, Lifting, Smash, Match practice.
  • CRICKET - Rules & regulations/Defense, Drive, Sweep shot, & match practice.
  • BADMINTON - Rules & regulations/ Serving& drooping, Smash, with match practice.
  • THROWBALL - Rules & regulations/ Serving & Holding, Smash, with match practice.