The following activities were done:

  • In Class I, the students were asked to list their objectives as well as expectations from this hobby class.
  • Items required in a sewing kit were listed and students were asked to bring the same to school.
  • Video on YouTube was shown on:
  • History of Cloth
  • Hand Sewing: Basic Stitching and Techniques - Running stitch, back stitch, button hole / blanket stitch
  • 9 hand stitches for basic sewing
  • Hand sewing basics
  • Hands on session – students folded all sides of a piece of cloth with running stitch
  • Hands-on Session – students folded all sides of the above piece of cloth with hemming stitch
  • Hands-on Session – Sewing on shirt buttons
  • Hands-on Session – Basic embroidery stitches samples were made:
  1. Chain Stitch
  2. Lazy Daisy
  3. Stem Stitch
  4. Cross Stitch
  5. Button Hole Stitch
  6. Feather Stitch – Single and double sided
  7. Back Stitch
  • Hands on Session – Pillow making without using a sewing machine