Faridabad, Sep 30, 2021: A Tickly Tales Story Session was organised for classes I and II on September 30, 2021. The story ‘Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy’ was narrated to them to inculcate a habit of eating good food regularly. Through the story, they learnt that good food helps us to grow strong and healthy.

After the story was over, the students made a ‘healthy pizza’ called a ‘Parizza’ using salad toppings on a paratha, giving it the looks of a pizza. They enjoyed decorating it with a variety of things like onions, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, sweet corn, cheese slices, cottage cheese, etc. They took a bit of help to slice the parizza, and enjoyed munching it with curd, lassi, milkshake, fruit juices, etc. They enjoyed the lunch party very much.

The story was specially chosen for a few students whose mothers were worried about their food habits. During the session these students also took an active part and enjoyed their meals, competing with one another to finish their food first.