Faridabad, February 23, 2024: Our tiny tots enjoyed a day out as they recreated a fruit and vegetable market in order to learn the concept of buying and selling. Our Pre-Primary students enacted as shopkeepers. The students of Classes I and II participated in this shopping activity as buyers coming to the market to buy the fruits and vegetables. They used dummy currency for purchasing items. All the students brought jute bags or paper bags to carry their purchase. In this way they also learn the concept of 'say no to plastic bags.'

Faridabad, February 16, 2024: The School placed a spotlight on Water Conservation, aiming to cultivate a profound appreciation for the pivotal role water plays in our lives. The students enthusiastically participated in a variety of engaging activities like slogan writing, painting and coloring, all centred on the theme of Water Conservation. They also took a pledge to conserve water and to raise awareness in society about its significance. Through their active involvement in these initiatives, students not only gained insights into the importance of water conservation but also embraced their responsibility as conscientious citizens dedicated to safeguarding this invaluable resource for the well-being of future generations.

Faridabad, October 16, 2023: The Pre-Primary students celebrated World Food Day by participating in various fun and educational activities. The students spoke about what they had brought and why they enjoyed that particular dish. They also painted vibrant posters promoting food sustainability and shared stories about different cultures' culinary traditions, promoting a sense of global awareness. These activities not only celebrated World Food Day but also instilled valuable lessons about the significance of food in our lives.