Pre-Primary Teaching-Learning Strategies

  • A stimulating learning environment nurturing every individual, focusing on the creation of a vibrant  happy atmosphere &creating confident young learners who love coming to school is the aim of the pre-primary department
  • Thematic teaching
  • A multiple intelligence approach as different students have different attitudes- they benefit each others strengths and resources to develop very carefully chosen their competence.
  • A day wise planner for each month is sent on the first day of the month for the parents’ convenience. This gives them a clear picture of the fun activities that their child will be participating in
  • Multi-sensory approach for concepts such as number work, English, Hindi & EVS is followed through the use of multimedia


  • Design inquiry-based learning experiences. Designing hands-on, "minds-on" activities help students make real-world sense of concepts by applying what they are learning
  • Development of communication skills is an important focus
  • To build fluency between school subjects and their application to real-world contexts

Value Based Education

Education should aim at multifaceted development of a human being – intellectual, physical, spiritual, and ethical development. Youth is the mirror in which future of a Nation is fully reflected. In order to preserve, maintain and advance globally, it is imperative to inculcate in students values based education starting from the pre-primary level, embracing the entire spectrum of the educational process.

Evaluation and Assessment

Nursery/K.G. – Continuous criterion scheme of assessment is followed.

Parents of Nursery and K.G. are requested to interact with the teacher at regular intervals. The report card is sent twice a year in September and March.