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Gram Panchayat Spatial Development Plan

Greater Noida, September 19, 2023: AIT SAP is the only private institute of architecture, consulting MoPR since 2020 on the Gram Panchayat Spatial Development Plan. With the assistance of AITSAP and 16 partner planning and architecture schools, including SPA, CEPT, NITs, IITs and other institutes of national reputation, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj created 34 Gram Panchayat Spatial Development Plans (GPSDP1) for 14 States in India. AITSAP Research Cell headed by Prof Anand Khatri and supported by the Director Prof Vivek Sabherwal, undertook the project with select students and faculty members during the COVID in 2020. A detailed proposal outline submitted to the MoPR was then approved and has now in 2023 been shortlisted as one of the top seven institutions to work on this challenging grass root project for upholding the roots of Indian democracy.

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Student awarded by the National Institute of Urban Affairs

The thesis of our student Akshansh Mishra, guided by Prof Anand Khatri of AIT-SAP was selected and awarded by the National Institute of Urban Affairs. Akshansh is a final-year student working on the Reworking Water Connect with ‘Urbanization: Heritage River Fronts of Kanpur’. As a part of the development strategy, he is redesigning the Massacre Ghat where a massacre took place during the First War of Independence in 1857. The student will be awarded Rs 50,000 to pursue his research and as a recognition for his hard work. The director Prof Vivek Sabherwal said that this is a great leap in stepping up academia.


Brief of the Project

Gram Panchayat Development Plan, a plan with a 25 years vision was done for the village of Kalonda in the block Dadri of District G B Nagar, under the direction of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj by the Research Cell in the Department of Architecture. Recommendations based on first hand surveys, data provided by National Informatics Centre, Dronography and advanced assessment and testing techniques undertaken by the Research faculty, for Kalonda were accepted by the Government of India for implementation in february 2021. The team was headed by Prof Anand Khatri under the mentorship of the Director Professor Vivek Sabherwal and supported by selected faculty.

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