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The school ensures educating the future architects through rigorous and expansive workshops with local and global understandings of various materials and their applications.

Workshop on ‘Colour in Interiors’

Greater Noida, April 21, 2015: A workshop on ‘Colour in Interiors’ was organised by Asian Paints and was conducted by Ms. Neha Vermani and her team. She explained about various colour types and their applicability. Different assignments were also given to make the students understand the same. They also discussed about the economic viability and the paint characteristics.

Colour in InteriorsColour in Interiors

International Conference on ‘Clever Technologies, Humanised Cities’

New Delhi, April 2015: Few students attended an International Conference on 'Clever Technologies, Humanised Cities' organised at the India International Centre.


Workshop on Ceramics

Greater Noida, Feb. 27, 2015: A workshop on ‘Ceramics’ was organised by Ms. Rekha Bajpe, a leading ceramic artist and founder of Studio Re4clay, wherein she gave an insight to the use of ceramic in architecture and interiors to the students. The students, faculty and staff participated and gained knowledge of working with clay.


3D Printing workshop

Greater Noida, Sep. 20, 2014: 3D Printing Workshop was held by Mr. Shubham Srivastava, Director of Cocreate. The learning from the Workshop included details about the 3D printer technology which is a leap forward for the manufacturing and modelling industry. The printer can also print simple and complex models in various colours.