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The school ensures educating the future architects through rigorous and expansive workshops with local and global understandings of various materials and their applications.

Masonry Construction Workshops

Greater Noida, Oct. 22 – Dec. 1, 2016:Masonry Construction Workshops are part of the subject – Building Material & Construction Technology. Conducting such workshops regularly give students an opportunity for hands-on training in the subject.

Origami Workshops

Origami workshops, led by Prof. J.V Joshi, are organised regularly. Prof Joshi takes the command to make them learn the art of Origami. Students are taught to make various attractive 3D models by using paper and newspaper. These interesting models helped them to incorporate ideas of various built forms in their design studio.

Workshop on ‘Personality Development & Image Building’

Greater Noida, Oct. 6, 2016: A Workshop on ‘Personality Development & Image Building’ was conducted by Ms NeetuWalia and Col. Sudip Mukherjee. The Workshop basically focused on the elements of personal communication i.e. the importance of correct posture, tone, eye contact, proxemics, appearance, spoken words, etc. in professional communication. Students also learnt the way to cope up with their nervousness.It was an interactive session wherein students actively participated as it helped them develop an effective personality as a professional.

Workshop on ‘Effective Curriculum Development’

Greater Noida, Feb. 17, 2016: A two-day workshop on ‘Effective Curriculum Development’ was organised by NTTTR Chandigarhat the AIT - SAP campus wherein Prof. P.K. Singla, Dr A.B. Gupta and Mr. A.K. Gupta shared various methods to draft and implement effective curriculum. The two-day workshop paved the way for an efficient semester with a detailed curriculum that the faculty should implement.

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