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The school ensures educating the future architects through rigorous and expansive workshops with local and global understandings of various materials and their applications.

Art Workshop

Greater Noida, March 2017:Renowned artist, ShalinaVichitra conducted a spellbinding Art Workshop with the first year students. Inspired by the works of the legendary artist, Moholy Nagy, the Workshop explored light, colour&space using layers transparencies to create illusion of space in a two-dimensional plane by indicating depth and motion. Students rose to the occasion, displaying amazing creativity and imagination.

Model Making

Greater Noida, Feb. 22, 2017:Ar. Suchi Gupta, an alumnus of Apeejay School of Planning& Architecture, conducted a workshop on Model Making using Terracotta for the first year students. The Workshop was organised by Assistant Prof., Richa Goyal. The students enjoyed creating models using Terracotta.

Workshop on ‘Vastu& Well-Being’

Greater Noida, Feb. 18, 2017:A Workshop initiative by Dr Richa Khurana and team was organisedin the School wherein the students &faculty both attended and benefited.

Masonry Construction Workshops

Greater Noida, Oct. 22 – Dec. 1, 2016:Masonry Construction Workshops are part of the subject – Building Material & Construction Technology. Conducting such workshops regularly give students an opportunity for hands-on training in the subject.

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