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The school ensures educating the future architects through rigorous and expansive workshops with local and global understandings of various materials and their applications.

Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Greater Noida, October 14, 2019: Brush Calligraphy Workshop was conducted by Ms Shweta Moorpana at Apeejay Institute of Technology - School of Architecture & Planning.

Presentation on Museum Architecture

Greater Noida, Nov. 24, 2018: Architect Snehanshu Mukherjee gave a spellbinding presentation to the students on ‘Museum Architecture’ wherein he explained the fundamentals about 'Context of Design in Buildings' and further elaborated the national award winning museum extension of NGMA, New Delhi. He systematically unfolded the layers of context & understanding of the Museum’s needs and challenges. His nuggets of advice to the students on their own museum designs gave a valuable insight of his deep knowledge of the subject.

Yoga & Zumba Workshop

Greater Noida, Nov. 17, 2018: On 16th and 17th November, a ‘Yoga & Zumba Workshop’ was organised at the Apeejay Institute of Technology - School of Architecture & Planning, Greater Noida. Energetic and enthusiastic Yoga and Zumba trainers, Dr Kuldeep Malik & Mr Manoj, helped students in making the event successful. Dr Kuldeep Malik also talked about environmental concerns and importance of Yoga in our daily routine for a healthy living. Tree plantation was also a part of this event. Kudos to Ar Kudeep, Ar Gunjan and Ar Santosh for taking the initiative!

Surveying Workshops

Surveying Workshops are regularly conducted with highly advance tools such as Total Station for the first year students by Ar. Jitendra Das.

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