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Along with the regular academic programme, the School encourages students to have practical exposure by conducting the site visits to make them study the building services, latest construction techniques & equipments, green building technologies, building automation systems, etc. In today’s context where India is trying to move up the ladder of development, nothing can replace the experience of architects who have learnt to see the world with different perspectives. This is made possible in Apeejay through some of the following site visits conducted by the faculty.

Advant Building Visit

Greater Noida, Nov. 7, 2016: A visit to Advant Building, Noida, accompanied by Ar. Shyamal Mishra & Ar. Sumi Agarwal, was organised to learn modern building services (Energy Management Systems, Security Systems, etc.) along with traditional building services.

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Visit to Glass Factory

Greater Noida, Oct. 15, 2016: A visit to a glass factory, accompanied by Ar. Sumi Agarwal & Ar. Rochika Sharma, was organised to learn about different types of glass & its manufacturing process. Students learnt how glass is further processed in various ways and were also explained through videos & presentations as to how glass is manufactured. They also collected glass samples and market prices for different types of glass.

Construction Site Visits

  • Greater Noida, Sep. 27, 2016: A visit to a construction site at Phase-II, Noida was organised to learn the basics of brick masonry, RCC framing & casting under the guidance of faculty members. They learnt about the latest construction techniques and materials used on site like RMC, RCC, cover blocks, steel moulding machine, shuttering of columns, vibrator, racking bonds, etc. Students were also made familiar with local terminologies actually used on site for different works. These concepts were explained to them by professional site engineers as well as the faculty which helped them to end the gap between theory and practical work.
  • Greater Noida, Sep. 15, 2016: A visit to Shivalik Homes, accompanied by Ar. Shyamal Mishra, Ar. Amitesh and Ar. Jitendra, was organised to overview the building services in residences.

Visit to Artist’s Residence

Greater Noida, March 14, 2016: A visit to the residence of Ar. Satyakam Saha, accompanied by Ar. Sumi Agarwal, Ar. Shivangi Vats & Ar. Amitesh Vijay, was organised to pursue a case study of Design Exercise. The purpose of this visit was to give students an opportunity to know the lifestyle of a painter and his requirements which helped them in designing an artist’s weekend bungalow, the design exercise for their second semester.