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Along with the regular academic programme, the School encourages students to have practical exposure by conducting the site visits to make them study the building services, latest construction techniques & equipments, green building technologies, building automation systems, etc. In today’s context where India is trying to move up the ladder of development, nothing can replace the experience of architects who have learnt to see the world with different perspectives. This is made possible in Apeejay through some of the following site visits conducted by the faculty.

Day Trip to Chirasi Village

Greater Noida, August 23, 2019: The aim of this visit was to make the 2nd year students familiar with the site of Panchayat Bhawan design exercise. It was a learning experience for them as the whole class was divided into four groups and they did the primary survey of the site, people, surroundings, construction techniques and the kind of spaces. It gave them a clear understanding of site and its context. This trip made the students aware of the urban village issues. They did the measured drawings on the site and made road sections. Ar. Richa Malik coordinated the trip. Architect Anurag Verma gave a lecture on what and how to gather information. Ar. Mushahid took a round with the students, showing them vernacular material of the urban village.

Visit to Paharpur Business Centre

New Delhi, July 18, 2019: Some faculty and final year students visited Paharpur Business Centre, New Delhi, also often referred as the healthiest office building in New Delhi. The Paharpur Business Centre offers fully furnished serviced offices, co-working space, training and meeting rooms to meet the diverse needs of customers. It has further been enabled to contribute in the sustainable growth and development of its business objectives. While Paharpur Business Centre has played a pioneering role in revolutionizing the office facilities & conference concept and the uniqueness lies in the fresh air it provides to its occupants.

Educational Tour to Lucknow

Lucknow, Aug. 25, 2017: An educational trip to Lucknow was organised for the third year students from 21st to 25th Aug., wherein they studied the Oodh Architecture of Lucknow and interacted with the Nawab of Lucknow who briefed them about the history of the city. They also visited Government College of Architecture, where a special lecture was delivered by Prof. Vandana Sehgal and Prof. Ritu Gulati. Ar. Rochika Sharma, Ar. Amitesh Vijay, Ar. Kuldeep Mishra and Ar. Gunjan Tyagi accompanied the students on the trip.

Educational Tour to Nawalgarh

Nawalgarh, Aug. 23, 2017: The second year students went on an educational trip to Nawalgarh, located in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan from 20th – 23rd August 2017. The main purpose of the trip was to explore the rich architectural heritage of Nawalgarh city as well as to prepare measured drawings of significant havelies. Students prepared measured drawings of the four havelies – Murarka haveli, Poddar haveli, Uattara haveli and Bhagat haveli. The trip was guided by Prof. Sangeeta Bais, Ar. Shyamal Mishra, Ar. Jitendra Das and Ar. Raj Kumar Sharma.