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Along with the regular academic programme, the School encourages students to have practical exposure by conducting the site visits to make them study the building services, latest construction techniques & equipments, green building technologies, building automation systems, etc. In today’s context where India is trying to move up the ladder of development, nothing can replace the experience of architects who have learnt to see the world with different perspectives. This is made possible in Apeejay through some of the following site visits conducted by the faculty.

Visit to Ashrams

Visit to various Ashrams in New Delhi was organised for the purpose of study of Ashrams as a Design Problem, as part of the B. Arch programme (2nd year curriculum), on 5th February 2019. The visit was organised under the guidance of Ar. Santosh Tiwari, Ar. Gunjan Tyagi and Ar. Raj Kumar Sharma.

Timbert Factory Rohtak

Visit to Timber factory, Rohtak, was planned with the students of 2nd year on 16th March 2019, for the purpose of studying the types of Timber and its uses. Students even got a hands-on experience of making a flush door.

Presidency Height

The 3rd year students paid a site visit to Presidency Height, Gr. Noida, on 19th March 2019. They not only learned about the laying and reinforcement study of columns, beams, slab, and stair case but also about the services of housing which were part of their current semester.

Indira Paryawaran Bhawan

The 4th year students paid a visit to the Indira Paryawaran Bhawan on 29th March 2019, to learn about Energy Efficient Architecture (building material and techniques).