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Along with the regular academic programme, the School encourages students to have practical exposure by conducting the site visits to make them study the building services, latest construction techniques & equipments, green building technologies, building automation systems, etc. In today’s context where India is trying to move up the ladder of development, nothing can replace the experience of architects who have learnt to see the world with different perspectives. This is made possible in Apeejay through some of the following site visits conducted by the faculty.

Visit to Radisson Blu

Noida & Greater Noida, Feb. 11 & Feb. 9, 2015: A visit to Radisson Blu, Greater Noida, was organised for the study of hotel planning & services which was accompanied by Ar. Amitesh Vijay M & Ar. Abdul Ahad wherein the students interacted with the Manager and got to know about the essentials of hotel planning such as placement of stairs & services, hospitality area requirement, types of guest rooms, importance of outdoor areas, etc.

A visit to Radisson Blu, Noida for study of hotel services was organised which was accompanied by Ar. Faizan Ali Khan, Ar. Ishaan Pradhan, Ar. Abdul Ahad, Ar. Mayank Sagar & Prof. V. K. Jain.

radisson bluradisson bluradisson blu

Visit to 3Cs Green Boulevard

Noida, Nov. 22, 2014: A visit to 3Cs Green Boulevard for study of Green Building Technology was organised which was accompanied by Ar. Sumi Agarwal & Ar. Arjun Kamal.

Visit to AECOM Offic

Noida, Nov. 15, 2014: A visit to AECOM office for study of building automation systems and interaction with automation engineers was organised which was accompanied by Ar. Ishaan Pradhan & Ar. Jitendra Kr. Das.

AECOM OfficeAECOM Office

Visit to Jaypee Greens

Noida, Nov. 2014: A visit to Jaypee Greens, Sector 128, Noida for study of construction equipment and new technology was organised which was accompanied by Ar. Arjun Kamal, Ar. Deepak Saxena, Ar. Abhinav Agarwal, Ar. Faizan Ali Khan, Ar. Abdul Ahad, Ar. Manoj Jain & Ar. Mayank Sagar.

jaypee greensjaypee greens