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Along with the regular academic programme, the School encourages students to have practical exposure by conducting the site visits to make them study the building services, latest construction techniques & equipments, green building technologies, building automation systems, etc. In today’s context where India is trying to move up the ladder of development, nothing can replace the experience of architects who have learnt to see the world with different perspectives. This is made possible in Apeejay through some of the following site visits conducted by the faculty.

Visit to Bahadurgarh Construction Site

Delhi, Sep. 12, 2015: A visit to the construction site at Bahadurgarh was organised by the School wherein the students were guided by the faculty - Ar. Ishaan Pradhan and Ar. Arjun Kamal. The visit focused on the Perfab Construction Russian Technology. The visit helped the students to get exposure to the assembling of Prefab columns, beams, slabs, staircases, etc. for speedy construction with total quality control in comparison to the conventional construction.

bahadurgarh construction sitebahadurgarh construction site

Visit to construction site ‘HEMISPHERE’

Greater Noida, Aug. 17, 2015: A visit to the construction site ‘HEMISPHERE’ in Greater Noida was organised by the faculty - Ar. Vipin Maheshwari and Ar. Mayank Sagar for the final year. The visit helped the students to get an exposure on the process of Modular Construction.


Visit to ADVANT Building

Greater Noida, March 21, 2015: A visit to ADVANT Building on Gr. Noida E-way for study of building automation was organised which was accompanied by Director of AIT SAP, Ar. Vivek Sabherwal and all faculty members.

ADVANT buildingADVANT building

Visit to Exhibition-Interiors

Delhi, Feb. 14, 2015: A visit to Exhibition-Interiors was organised by Asian Paints at NSIC Ground, Okhla, accompanied by Ar. Ishaan Pradhan.

exhibition interiorsexhibition interiorsexhibition interiors