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Landscape Development

A seminar on ‘Landscape Development’ was held on 30th Oct. 2014 at AIT SAP by Ar. Mahesh Paliwal. He explained site development, circulation pattern on site, landscaping techniques and planting details through his various projects. He examined the studio work of students and gave his critical suggestions to improve their work.

landscape development

Construction Equipment

A seminar on ‘Construction Equipment’ was held on 29th Sept. 2014 at AIT SAP. The presenters were from HILTI.

construction equipment

Building Automation

A seminar on ‘Building Automation’ was held on 29th Aug. 2014 at AIT SAP. It was presented by Mr. Aashish Rakheja, a renowned expert of this field. Mr. Rakheja explained the concept behind the automation and the importance of building automation through various examples such as security, energy conservation, privacy, safety, etc.

building automation

Urban Design in Socio-Cultural Concept

Seminar on ‘Urban Design in Socio-Cultural Concept’ was presented by Mr. A.K. Jain (Ex. Commissioner of DDA) on 12th Aug. 2014 at AIT SAP. He talked about the historic and modern urban cities, quoting the various ways in which socio-cultural spaces were an integral vital function of a complex. He also talked about the Urban Design process, the hierarchy of work process and also the five elements of Urban Design.

urban design in socio cultural concept

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