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Faculty Development Programme 2018

Understanding Cultural Heritage Resources: An Indian Perspective

Greater Noida, July 20, 2018: In context of the increasing significance of cultural heritage resources for development planning being recognized, the Faculty Development Programme (FDP) focused on sensitising academia and research; professional and pedagogical narrative towards relevance of cultural heritage for development planning. The programme contextualised the subject through an Indian perspective to make it more relevant for the participants. It was intended that the programme sensitised the participants towards inclusion of cultural heritage in planning perspectives.

Ten sessions were scheduled to be completed in five days, and distinguished speakers were invited to address the participants. Speakers included a mix from domains of academia and profession; professional training in architecture, urban planning and urban geography, engaged with private, non-governmental and government institutions. The schedule included a morning an afternoon term, each having two sessions of one and half hour each.

The workshop was attended by participants including representation from educational institutions, practicing professionals and representatives from the corporate sector. All participants were primarily architects, though their specializations through higher studies included urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture conservation, urban design building engineering management and advanced building services. The organisation of the faculty development plan was well received with a positive feedback on its quality of exchange and speakers.

However, the most significant aspect of the workshop was an almost unanimity on the relevance on the theme being addressed, and the critical need to carry it further through similar programmes extensively, leading to its inclusion in pedagogy, research and the profession.

The event concluded with distribution of ‘Certificates of Participation’ to all participants on July 20, 2018.

Presentation on Heritage & Awadh Architecture

Greater Noida, April 27, 2018: Eminent Architect, Heritage Activist, Urban Planner, winner of several awards and author of numerous books, Vipul B.Varshney delivered a significant presentation on Heritage & Awadh Architecture. Ar. Vipul blended her presentation with interesting anecdotes and captured the attention of the young audience. Possessing an absolute command over the intricacies of the history of Awadh architecture, she beautifully unfolded the different layers of the Awadh architecture.

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Presentation on ‘Sustainable Landscape Design & Emerging Landscape’ and ‘Paradise Garden’

Greater Noida, March 23, 2018: Ar. Mahesh Paliwal, an eminent Landscape Architect, gave a very comprehensive presentation on ‘Sustainable Landscape Design & Emerging Landscape’ and ‘Paradise Garden, Journey from Babylon to Raisana Hills’. He also presented some of his outstanding works in Landscape Design which gave the students an idea about ‘Site Planning’. He also looked upon the history of garden styles in landscape from Babylon to the Mughal Gardens at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

Special Presentation on ‘The Falling Water’

Greater Noida, Sep. 10, 2017:Ar. Vivek Sabherwalgave a special presentation to the students and faculty about the renowned residence designed by Frank Loyd Right – ‘The Falling Water’. He explained the incredible design through videos and a model of the building. The discussion about the planning, structure and interiors of the built form was splendid and helpful in understanding the design approach by the great architect.