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Hospital Planning & Architecture

Architect Aachal Kataria, specialist in Hospital Architecture, gave a presentation on ‘Hospital Planning & Architecture’ on 9th April 2015. His lucid presentation on various aspects of Hospital Planning at both macro and micro levels was very intriguing for the faculty as well as students. He gave critique to students and magnanimously offered to help students in future as well.

Hospital Planning & ArchitectureHospital Planning & Architecture

Industrial Construction

An exemplary talk on ‘Industrial Construction’ was held on 30th Mar. 2015 by architect Charanjit Singh Shah, a renowned expert of this field. He enlightened the students and the faculty of Apeejay School on the wide spectrum of building construction and how we should go beyond Mackay & Barry and understand the essence of building construction in today's world. He stressed on the need for Architecture students to learn to be architects of tomorrow.

industrial construction

New City Planning

A splendid talk on ‘New City Planning’ was presented by Ar. Sangeet Sharma on 26th Mar. 2015 where he took Chandigarh as an example to explain the concept and challenges behind city planning. He was generous enough to donate some of his books to the students and college library. The final year students also got the opportunity to interact with him and get critique on their thesis.

new city planning

Sustainable Architecture

A seminar on ‘Sustainable Architecture’ was presented by Ar. Sheetal Rakheja on 2nd Mar. 2015. Ar. Sheetal presented a case study of SHUNYA, a net zero energy building designed by her. She explained the concept behind the net zero energy building and its economic and futuristic importance.

sustainable architecture

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