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Director's Message


Prof. Vivek Sabherwal

The purpose of Apeejay School of Architecture& Planning is the education of students in the field of Architecture, and the pursuit of preparation for ‘Education for life’. The School aims to produce responsible, cultured, creative human beings who are capable of concentrating on obligations of professional life.

Our specific purposes set a clear Institutional direction. A set of policies has been adopted to ensure that these purposes are sustained. These policies represent the qualities that makes the School unique in higher education. An Apeejay education develops the growth of perception, love of beauty, understanding of the uses of the intellect, and capacity for doing and caring. I have a vision, to create together with my faculty team, great opportunities for our students to excel, and nurture their aspirations, to be able to get the most experienced and best people in their respective fields, to share their ideas and experience with the faculty and the students. In recent times, we have invited eminent professionals to share their knowledge with our students and faculty. Also, our students have recently visited some landmark buildings to get ‘hands on’ experience regarding their services, construction techniques etc.

We all know that Architecture is both an Art and Science, and we expect our students and faculty to do research and form an alliance with the industry with the initiative of specialists. Our approach is to interact with the profession to a greater degree than in the past and the School has already put emphasis on communicating with the profession and industry.

The Apeejay experience builds the foundations of the independent person, cultivating understanding through demanding educational and life experiences. The learning program integrates practical knowledge and skill with a sense of responsibility and self awareness. Students and Faculty recognise that every task and experience, from the simple to the complex, requires attention to quality. We are preparing our students to push architecture forward. We will make sure that the ideas developed in the studios can manifest themselves in the field tomorrow.

Our Apeejay facebook page represents a vitally important vehicle for communicating the messages we send to our friends about AIT SAP, who we are as a vibrant and diverse School, and the insights we are capable of delivering to the world. It is intended to be a way of creating a dialogue between our visitors and us.

Our Academic programme addresses the significant issues we are facing in the society today namely;

  1. Sustainability/Climate change
  2. Awareness of Technological changes
  3. Integrated Design
  4. Urbanisation
  5. Preparing students to become creative leaders

In this pursuit of preparation for ‘Education for life’, I wish you all peace, good health and happiness.


Prof. Vivek Sabherwal