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B.Arch. Programme

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Architecture is one of the noblest professions that deal directly with the quality of human life and the quality of the natural environment in which human beings exist. Architecture and the emergence of human civilization are inseparable from each other.

Ranked among top B.Arch. colleges in Uttar Pradesh, AIT, offers a five-year undergraduate programme in Architecture that prepares students for a rewarding career in the field of Architecture and Planning. It is approved by the Council of Architecture (College Code: UP03) and is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University (now AKTU), Lucknow (College Code: 088).


During five years of academic training that is imparted to the students of Architecture, it is the hallmark of Apeejay School of Architecture & Planning that an appreciation is created about the role of Architecture in sustaining human civilization as a continuum from the past to the future. Having established itself as one of the best institutes for B.Arch. courses in Greater Noida, the Apeejay School of Architecture & Planning aims to equip students with the skills and abilities required to successfully take up and become an integral part of the environment in space. Architecture, therefore, is emphasised as the integration of human sensitivities and creativity with the scientific and technological potential of development for promoting Architecture themes that represent the mark of a civilization of the day. In five years, a great deal of emphasis is laid on inculcating the creative sensitivities of the students for applying to the evolution of three-dimensional forms that are scientifically and technologically sound. In this sense, the School lays a good emphasis on the creative potential of the students to evolve Architecture that is relevant to the community and collective way of living.