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AIMC Webinar Series

An AIMC E-Learning Initiative Committed to Media Education during COVID-19

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List of Selected Candidates

Congratulations on being shortlisted for the academic year 2022-23

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Current Batch Achievements

Our Placements

We have achieved excellent placement results - year after year - across reputed media companies such as:


Industry Interactions

Why Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC) ?

  • Excellent Placement Record
  • Industry Experienced Faculty
  • High Definition TV Studio with teleprompter
  • Advertising Lab with High End Graphics
  • HD Cameras & Video Editing Suite
  • Press Room for Mock Press Conference

Students who successfully complete One Year PG Diploma from the best institute for Mass Communication in Delhi NCR (AIMC) have the option of:

I. Joining Media Industry - TV Channels, FM/Radio Stations, Advertising Agencies, PR & Digital Firms, and Event Companies, etc.

II. Lateral Entry from the best college for pursuing a career in Journalism: Are eligible for Direct Admission* into 2nd Year MA in Journalism & Mass Communication at Apeejay Stya University (UGC recognised) - thereby saving One Year.
*under lateral entry in accordance with UGC's Choice Based Credit System

About Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC)

AIMC, the best Mass Communication college, was set up in 2003 to cater to the growing demands of students interested in pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism, Advertising, PR/Corporate Communication, Event Management, Social Media, Bollywood and also acquiring necessary skills in News Anchoring, Electronic Cinematography and Video Editing. It has been ranked / listed among the top Journalism colleges in Delhi NCR by reputed magazines like 'India Today', 'Outlook', 'Career 360', and by 'The Tribune' (Newspaper).

S.No Application No. Course Name
1 DMOJ/22/421 DMOJ Prachi Mathur
2 AIMC/22/11387 DMOJ Anshul Saxena
3 PGDM/AIMC/00146 TVRJ Rashmi Singh
4 PGDM/AIMC/00141 TVRJ Nishtha Jairath
5 AIMC/22/11379 TVRJ Himanshi Ringola
6 AIMC/22/11380 TVRJ Madhu Singh
7 AIMC/22/11389 TVRJ Tanya Goel
8 AIMC/22/11371 TVRJ Neha Singh
9 AIMC/22/11382 TVRJ Pratiksha Shome
10 AIMC/22/11391 TVRJ Khushboo Jain
11 PGDM/AIMC/00148 TVRJ Ananaya Singh
12 AIMC/22/11390 TVRJ Saba Parveen
13 AIMC/22/11393 TVRJ Aakriti Fartyal
14 AIMC/22/11394 TVRJ Rituza Singh
15 TVRJ BFG Shivam Shukla
16 DMOJ/22/418 DMOJ Jaskiran Kaur Sokhi
17 TVRJ DMOJ Akshita Chaudhary
18 TVRJ DMOJ Deepakshi Chhabra
19 TVRJ DMOJ Aniruddha S. Jahagirdar
20 TVRJ DMOJ Gauri
21 TVRJ DMOJ Ankit Kumar Verma
22 TVRJ/22/395 TVRJ Ayush Kant Dubey
23 TVRJ/22/391 TVRJ Madhur
24 TVRJ/22/396 TVRJ Ekta Jha
25 TVRJ/22/392 TVRJ Neeru Rana
26 DMOJ/22/419 DMOJ Aditi
27 DMOJ/22/420 DMOJ Punya Arora
28 AIMC/22/11320 BFG Anannya Gupta
29 AIMC/22/11158 DMOJ Soumya jain
30 PGDM/AIMC/00040 DMOJ Diya Audrey Marks
31 AIMC/22/11195 DMOJ Riya Sukhwani
32 AIMC/22/11119 DMOJ Vishakha Singh
33 AIMC/22/11189 DMOJ Simran
34 AIMC/22/11203 DMOJ Rugved Ravindra Pawar
35 AIMC/22/11265 DMOJ Apoorva Shrivastava
36 AIMC/22/11279 DMOJ Satyavan
37 AIMC/22/11299 DMOJ Nikita Gupta
38 AIMC/22/11306 DMOJ Somanjali
39 AIMC/22/11296 DMOJ Sanchita Vohra
40 AIMC/22/11328 DMOJ Sukhmani Kooner
41 AIMC/21/10834 TVRJ Riya Hans
42 AIMC/22/11131 TVRJ Siddhi Manoj Tamrakar
43 AIMC/22/11143 TVRJ Brishti Chakraborty
44 AIMC/22/11147 TVRJ Maduri Chaudhary
45 AIMC/22/11156 TVRJ Duchen Youdol Mattu
46 AIMC/22/11125 TVRJ Abhinav Singh
47 AIMC/22/11129 TVRJ Tanushree Chakraborty
48 AIMC/22/11157 TVRJ Gudivada Divya
49 AIMC/22/11162 TVRJ Shweta
50 AIMC/22/11130 TVRJ Shristi Lalwani
51 AIMC/22/11217 TVRJ Shivangi Chawla
52 AIMC/22/11227 TVRJ Anushka Prasad
53 AIMC/22/11239 TVRJ Hansa Srivastava
54 AIMC/22/11241 TVRJ Deeksha Singh
55 PGDM/AIMC/00063 TVRJ Karan Sehrawat
56 AIMC/22/11259 TVRJ Stuti Priya
57 AIMC/22/11253 TVRJ Rahul Gupta
58 AIMC/22/11255 TVRJ Apoorva Singh
59 AIMC/22/11181 TVRJ Tejasvi Malhotra
60 AIMC/22/11197 TVRJ Mayank Gupta
61 AIMC/22/11202 TVRJ Khandelwal Prachi Pradeep
62 AIMC/22/11206 TVRJ Tania Saha
63 AIMC/22/11193 TVRJ Aakarsh Divyam
64 AIMC/22/11146 TVRJ Vivaswan Tiwari
65 PGDM/AIMC/00046 TVRJ Anamika Jha
66 PGDM/AIMC/00023 TVRJ Suvigya Chandra
67 AIMC/22/11152 TVRJ Jyoti Chaudhary
68 PGDM/AIMC/00029 TVRJ Shruti Vasudev
69 AIMC/22/11166 TVRJ Aman Arya
70 AIMC/22/11165 TVRJ Muskan Kumari
71 AIMC/22/11167 TVRJ Samarth Mishra
72 PGDM/AIMC/00055 TVRJ Mansi Bajpai
73 AIMC/22/11233 TVRJ Sadiya Khan
74 AIMC/22/11235 TVRJ Harshita Singh
75 AIMC/22/11237 TVRJ Priyanshi Tripathi
76 AIMC/22/11234 TVRJ Rohit Rajesh Singh
77 AIMC/22/11247 TVRJ Sanika Lalwani
78 AIMC/22/11254 TVRJ Vanshika Verma
79 AIMC/22/11249 TVRJ Sandhya Prajapati
80 AIMC/22/11270 TVRJ Shreshtha Dwivedi
81 AIMC/22/11262 TVRJ Sujal Kumar
82 AIMC/22/11273 TVRJ Shruti Shaw
83 PGDM/AIMC/00081 TVRJ Anushka Jain
84 AIMC/22/11170 TVRJ Siddhi Mishra
85 AIMC/22/11208 TVRJ Neetika Kumari
86 AIMC/22/11178 TVRJ Priya Rai
87 AIMC/22/11198 TVRJ Kenny Sikri
88 PGDM/AIMC/00044 TVRJ Prakriti Deb
89 AIMC/22/11107 TVRJ Chirag Aggarwal
90 PGDM/AIMC/00030 TVRJ Pritha Konar
91 AIMC/22/11196 TVRJ Rashmi Rana
92 AIMC/22/11205 TVRJ Tomar Arushi
93 AIMC/22/11204 TVRJ Saumya Shubham Jha
94 PGDM/AIMC/00080 TVRJ Shreya Ruj
95 AIMC/22/11282 TVRJ Abhishek Pundir
96 AIMC/22/11286 TVRJ Aman Agarwal
97 AIMC/22/11291 TVRJ Aryan Adarsh
98 PGDM/AIMC/00095 TVRJ Reena Kumari
99 AIMC/22/11280 TVRJ Anushka Agarwal
100 AIMC/22/11313 TVRJ Snigdh
101 AIMC/22/11297 TVRJ Baisakhi
102 AIMC/22/11304 TVRJ Shraddha Das
103 AIMC/22/11322 TVRJ Abhishek Thakur
104 AIMC/22/11324 TVRJ Biprojit
105 AIMC/22/11321 TVRJ Aditya Pratap Sharma
106 AIMC/22/11311 TVRJ Kripa arora
107 AIMC/22/11290 TVRJ Karan Singh Jadaun
108 PGDM/AIMC/00091 TVRJ Pragya Prakash

S.No. Application No. Course Name
1 AIMC/22/11374 ADMC Ritika Gandhi
2 AIMC/22/11337 ADMC Stuti Gupta
3 PGDM/AIMC/00139 CCEM Vrinda Goel
4 AIMC/22/11384 CCEM Riya Monga
5 AIMC/22/11392 CCEM Somasree Roy
6 AIMC/22/11381 CCEM Aastha Negi
7 PGDM/AIMC/00154 CCEM Neeta Sachar
8 ADMC/22/153 ADMC Dipakshi Goswami
9 ADMC/22/160 ADMC Esha Sonwar
10 ADMC/22/155 ADMC Shreya Ghorawat
11 CCEM/22/219 CCEM Manika Jain
12 ADMC/22/156 ADMC Muskaan Thakker
13 ADMC/22/157 ADMC Aswini Shrestha
14 ADMC/22/159 ADMC Shruti Gupta
15 ADMC/22/161 ADMC Ammu Anna George
16 CCEM/22/220 CCEM Tanya Kumari
17 ADMC/22/162 ADMC Nikita Goel
18 AIMC/22/11103 ADMC Jasmine Ghosh
19 AIMC/22/11058 ADMC Shruti Srivastava
20 AIMC/22/11104 ADMC Sagnik Gupta
21 AIMC/22/11154 ADMC Divyank Vats
22 AIMC/22/11164 ADMC Pooja Pathak
23 AIMC/22/11182 ADMC Sohon Simlai
24 AIMC/22/11177 ADMC Utkarsha Ahirwar
25 AIMC/22/11177 ADMC Sarthak Kumar
26 AIMC/22/11210 ADMC Khushi Chhajer
27 AIMC/22/11190 ADMC Jagori Mukherjee
28 AIMC/22/10943 ADMC Koushiki Banerjee
29 AIMC/22/11269 ADMC Akansha Verma
30 AIMC/22/11149 ADMC Tushar Tuteja
31 AIMC/22/11267 ADMC Ayush Bhattacharya
32 PGDM/AIMC/00061 ADMC Ritul Bhattacharjee
33 AIMC/22/11141 ADMC Krati Vatsalya
34 AIMC/22/11150 ADMC Shikha Roy
35 AIMC/22/11105 ADMC Abhishek Singh
36 AIMC/22/11100 ADMC Sattika Chakrabarti
37 AIMC/22/11118 ADMC Ashresh Marupaka
38 AIMC/22/11116 ADMC Saket Sinha
39 AIMC/22/11127 ADMC Sarvesh Kumar Yadav
40 AIMC/22/11128 ADMC Bibha Singh
41 AIMC/22/11155 ADMC Jaitr Bhakri
42 AIMC/22/11200 ADMC Nupur Parakh
43 AIMC/22/11186 ADMC Ahana Sen Sarma
44 AIMC/22/11243 ADMC Bolin Terang
45 AIMC/22/11215 ADMC Khushboo Gupta
46 AIMC/22/11221 ADMC Mitasha Guglani
47 AIMC/22/11246 ADMC Pushpal Bagchi
48 PGDM/AIMC/00074 ADMC Ekarth Sharma
49 PGDM/AIMC/00070 ADMC Akshay Arora
50 AIMC/22/11248 ADMC Aarushi Batra
51 AIMC/22/11263 ADMC Mahima Jhawar
52 AIMC/22/11261 ADMC Mahaveer Golia
53 AIMC/22/11251 ADMC Harshita Chakraborty
54 AIMC/22/11250 ADMC Shakvi Kaul
55 AIMC/22/11277 ADMC Srijana Chatterjee
56 AIMC/22/11284 ADMC Arushi Tomar
57 AIMC/22/11288 ADMC Urvashi
58 AIMC/22/11293 ADMC Rishabh Iyer
59 AIMC/22/11281 ADMC Gurbani kaur
60 AIMC/22/11310 ADMC ITI Tandon
61 AIMC/22/11308 ADMC Khushi Kapoor
62 AIMC/22/11318 ADMC Prakhar Pandey
63 AIMC/20-21/10637 ADMC Aritro Naskar
64 AIMC/22/11153 CCEM Yash Chandra
65 AIMC/22/11145 CCEM Riya Sharma
66 AIMC/22/11148 CCEM Arya Thakur
67 AIMC/22/11106 CCEM Aastha Gaba
68 PGDM/AIMC/00028 CCEM Kriti raj
69 AIMC/22/11120 CCEM Anushka Sahai
70 AIMC/22/11137 CCEM Ravi Kumar Labh
71 AIMC/21/10948 CCEM Lakshita Kandpal
72 AIMC/22/11184 CCEM Kavya Singh
73 AIMC/22/11176 CCEM Arnesh Gupta
74 AIMC/22/11188 CCEM Ishika Luthra
75 AIMC/22/11226 CCEM Paridhi Gupta
76 AIMC/22/11223 CCEM Binni Kumari
77 PGDM/AIMC/00077 CCEM Misha Sharma
78 AIMC/22/11260 CCEM Niranjana VB
79 AIMC/22/11266 CCEM Jyoti Singh


Congratulations on being shortlisted for the academic year 2022-23

Click here to view the list of selected candidates for:

Television & Radio Journalism/Production
Digital Media & Online Journalism

Click here to view the list of selected candidates for:

Advertising & Marketing Communication
Corporate Communication/PR & Event Management

Paid Internship/Trainee

There are many benefits of doing an internship during your college days, it’s just not only provides exposure to both build and develop professional connections but also gives a realistic perspective on refining your career goals. On the other hand, internships play a major role in giving a complete hands-on experience with an approach that nurtures the students to develop a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. AIMC is committed to providing LIVE Industry projects and paid internships to students during the course. These are the current batch students, who got selected for Paid Trainee/Internship Program:

College Dekho (Digital):

Avhishruti Majumdar

Mayank Kashyap

Smriti Kaushik

Alka Jain

Saptaparna Chatterjee

Nidhi Singh


Shivangi Som

Sanobar Zakir

Sagar Saini

Chimes Radio:


Dutch Uncle (Digital):

Jalaj Shukla

Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing - a short-term experience that allows the student to follow an experienced worker and see the day-to-day activities of a particular career. These are the current batch students, who got selected for Job Shadowing Program:

Anant Seth

Contract MNC advt.

Devesh Mishra

Contract MNC advt.

Ishita Roy Bardhan

Contract MNC advt.

Debadrita Bhowmick

Contract MNC advt.

Recent Placements (A Sample):

Kanishka Chandana

Practice PR as Account Executive

Saudamini Sharma

Practice PR as Account Executive

Akanksha Kashyap

Archetype PR

Nitya Ramesh

Paid Copywriter Trainee, PMG Worldwide

An AIMC E-Learning Initiative Committed to Media Education during COVID-19

During this extraordinary time, educators around the world are promptly adapting to remote learning. This webinar series is an endeavour of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC), dedicated to Media Education. Our objective is to ensure that Media Education is delivered to Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry enthusiasts and aspirants when the nation is under lockdown. The webinars are being delivered by industry experts & educators and features discussion on trends that are shaping the M&E sector. They provide the attendees with the opportunity to interact with subject matter experts and satiate their curiosity by asking topic related questions from the comfort of their homes.

The webinars that have been conducted until now are detailed below:

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

An Interactive LIVE Session with Amar Kaushik, Bollywood Director (Blockbuster films ‘Stree’ and ‘Bala’) and an AIMC alumnus.

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

‘Advertising – When Good Brands go Bad’ by Shailendra Paratap Jain, Foster School of Business, University of Washington, USA.

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

The Art of Visual Storytelling by Vikram Srivastava. Creative Service Director, PMG Asia

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

LIVE interaction with Amazon Prime Series Team ‘Pataal Lok’.

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

Sports Journalism & Cricket Commentary by Sanjay Banerjee, Broadcaster & Cricket World Cup Commentator.

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

Indian Media Landscape: Pre and Post COVID-19 by Prof. Ashok Ogra, Advisor (Mass Communication), AIMC, Formerly: Vice-President, Discovery Channel & Animal Planet (South Asia) and Associate Professor, Film & TV Institute, Pune.

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

Pushpa Nair, PR Expert & Former Director, Perfect Relations (PR) CELEBRITY PR: The Power of Public Relations

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

Anant Vijay, Associate Editor, Dainik Jagran, National Award Winner for Best Critic on Topic: Cinema, Sahitya & Patrakarita

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

Pradeep Sarkar, Writer, Bollywood Director & Award Winning Creative Director on Topic: ART OF FILM-MAKING & CREATIVITY IN ADVERTISING

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

Careers in Public Relations, Corporate Communication. & Event Activation by Ms. Sujata Soni Bali Founder Director, Miran Production (Event) & Ms. Poornima Malhan HR, Edelman Talent Acquisition (PR)

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

FUTURE OF BUSINESS & FINANCIAL JOURNALISM by Mr. Kuruvadi Badrinath, Noted Business & Financial Journalist

AIMC Webinar Series 2020

A DIALOGUE WITH PRASOON JOSHI & RAJ NAYAK by MR. PRASOON JOSHI Padma Shri Poet-Songwriter, Communication Professional & Chairman- CBFC & MR. RAJ NAYAK Media Maven & Founder House of Cheer Networks Pvt Ltd.

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

RADIO AS MEANS OF COMMUNICATION by Mr. Pervaiz Alam, Founder Director of Cine Inc, UK & Formerly with BBC Radio, London

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

J&K: PRE & POST 370 by Mr. Ashok Bhan, Senior Supreme Court Lawyer

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

INDIA-CHINA RELATIONS: BACKGROUND & CURRENT STANDOFF by Mr. Shubhajit Roy, Associate Editor, The Indian Express

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

COMMUNICATION THROUGH ACTING by Mr. Phonsok Ladakhi, Media Production Professional & Noted Bollywood Actor

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

CINEMA & SOCIETY by Mr. Munish Bhardwaj, Noted Director, Writer, Actor & Faculty at FTII, Pune

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

CHANGING TRENDS OF CREATIVITY by Mr., Devender Mehta, Executive Creative Director, Innocean Worldwide (Advtg.)

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

BUSINESS & FINANCIAL JOURNALISM, Senior Deputy Editor, The Hindu Business Line

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY & VLOGGING by Mr. Chitransh Saxena, Canon India Ltd. With Photography Technical Specialist

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

ADVERTISING & MEDIA PLANNING CAREER by Mr. Mohit Joshi, MD, Havas Media (Advtg.)

AIMC Webinar Series 2021

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PRIME TIME NEWS ANCHOR by Ms. Preeti Dahiya, Prime Time News Anchor, Times Now

AIMC Webinar Series 2021


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