Political Advertising in India

  • Communication can beat every single sphere of the society
  • Wallpapers, hoardings and many artistic symbols help us to understand the communicational period or session
  • Words can be retained but not the visuals
  • When there is a change you start liking it
  • YouTube channels have become important features in this digital world for every individual and especially for villagers
Mr. Raj Kumar Jha
Consultant Strategic Communication Planner, Ogilvy and Mather

Creativity in Communication

  • The greatest enemy of Creative Thinking is the first correct answer
  • Good is the enemy of great
  • Technology, targetisation and personalisation define media of today
  • Equidistant and neutrality are important
Samuel Rufus
Noted International Trainer

Emerging Media Scene in India

  • Critical Thinking is very crucial in mass communication
  • One needs to be creative and innovative in their approach
  • Learning process is never ending even a CEO learns something new everyday
  • If you can dream it then you can do it
Dr. Anurag Batra
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief – BW Businessworld