Career Opportunities & Skill Sets in Event Management

  • Planning, organising and executing an event is Event Management
  • Qualities of a good event manager – temperamental, should have inter-personal skills, flexible, creative, keen learner, passionate, enthusiastic and a leader
  • Anything can go wrong but it’s your responsibility to keep calm and find a solution to it
Ms Sujata Soni Bali
Founder Director, Miran Production

Introduction to World of Advertising

  • Digital is a world which looks never-ending but sets in with an expiry date
  • This is the age of negotiation and not of rebellion or isolation. Everyone is now a ‘Missionary of Modernity’
  • The time is now for skills and not hobbies
Mr Atulit Saxena
President (Brands), Future Brands

Art of Radio Jockeying

  • The longest journey starts with the first step
  • Make the most of whatever lies in front of you and leave a mark in your work
  • Radio is the most important medium of communication which will always be there
  • The power of radio lies in a direct and vocal connect for illiterate audience as well
  • Don’t judge any field for pursuing your career
  • A good RJ is one who is aware of and connects with people by understanding the intricacies
RJ Simran Kohli
Founder Director, Speak for Change Foundation

Art of News Anchoring

  • News has changed in the ways of presentation – from reading to over the camera to presenting it from the teleprompter
  • News presentation is an art of vocal, digital and technology –integrated into a single frame
  • The news for digital should be concrete to 8 words per sentence
  • An anchor should always be witty and speculative to ask questions, dig out answers and should keep the audience engaged
  • The opinion of a Journalist should be informative and not biased to spark controversies
Ms Palki Sharma
Noted News Anchor, WION

News Anchoring & Function of News Room

  • A Journalist should always focus on bringing out the truth without remaining silent on either good or bad without misusing the power of press
  • To read and to gain practicalities is the base to new Journalism
  • Editorial & headlines are the most essential components of news but views and opinions are not
  • Technology must be befriended with as it has merged with live news which is why news becomes more impactful
Mr Sayeed Ansari
Deputy Editor & Anchor, Aajtak