Art of Anchoring

  • Read to be aware with the current happenings
  • Build stories on various social and political aspects
  • Listen to understand
  • Remain calm in situations of crisis
  • Understand your responsibilities
Ms. Archana Singh
Celebrated Anchor

Influence and Trend of Programmatic Advertising

  • Programmatic advertising uses automated technology and algorithmic tools for influencing consumer behavior
  • Programmatic Advertising can help you reach customers along their entire path to purchase and drive more valuable conversions
  • It works on the basis of Machine Learning and AI
  • Programmatic Advertising blends creativity and technology in the new marketing era
Mr Rajiv Khurana
Co – Founder UPSWIIT

Data Journalism

  • Understanding the data and bringing stories from it
  • Journalism in the 21st century involves finding, collecting and analyzing data for storytelling, presentation and investigative reporting.
  • Narratives and stories supported by data are more credible
  • Using data for journalism increases objectivity.
Mr. John Samuel Raja
Co-founder How India Lives

Trends in Digital Marketing

  • The success story of brands like Zomato, India Today, Nestle, Samsung, McDonald’s, and Maruti Celerio
  • Trends in Digital Marketing discussed through current examples
  • Influencer Marketing and brands building on the goodwill of influencer discussed
  • Omnichannel Marketing used for a better and more diverse reach
Mr. Hemant Mishra
Founder, Managing Director MagicCircle Communications Pvt Ltd

Big Picture of the Media and Entertainment Industry

  • Media and entertainment sector presented a remarkable opportunity for employment
  • The roll out of 5G and technology will further boost the employment and financial opportunity in the sector
  • The sector is embracing innovation in storytelling
  • India’s M&E sector is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.9 percent
Mr. Vivek Srivastava
Seasoned Advertising and Brand Marketing Professional