The Art of News Presentation

  • The vision and passion to work should be extraordinary
  • Always be a workaholic and be ‘Kaam ka Aadmi’
  • Setting new trends and breaking the stereotype is not being flawed, it is a type of behavioural presentation
  • Stop listening to your comfort zones, be honest to the core and improve your weak sides
  • It’s essential to have guts and start working with dedication and loyalty
  • Pessimism is the biggest hurdle in disguise
Ms Rubika Liyaquat
Vice President
Bharat 24

Social Media Consumption

  • Consistency is the key to grow on Social Media
  • Understand your audience through data
  • Build Content that is driven by Data to work and understand Social Media Algorithms
Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)
YouTuber, and Influencer

Evolution of Advertising Industry

  • The power of starting small and building ideas
  • Generating ideas from observations
  • The life of a marketing professional
  • Storytelling with the brand as the nucleus
Mr. Shikhar Khandelwal (Vice President)
And And Brand Partners Pvt Ltd

Evolution in context of AI

  • What drives brands on social media
  • Evolving with the idea of AI
  • Business evolution in context of AI
Santosh Desai (Media Critic, Columnist)
Managing Director & CEO
Future Brands

Managing the Media Business

  • Discussion on the Finances and Revenue of Media
  • Importance of understanding the new digital trends
  • The journey from traditional to new
  • Evolution in the revenue mechanisms 
Mona Jain (Chief Revenue Officer)
Zee Media