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  • Keen obeservers make the best communicators
  • Don't write without reading. Don't speak with out listening.
  • Humility is the most essential qualification
  • Develop your analytical skills
  • When you are interested in people, people will be interested in you.
Prof. KG Suresh
Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)
  • If you want to succeed you need to have a creative mind set
  • Two different idea's make a great idea
  • Radio is the theatre of mind
  • You must spend a lot of time ideating
  • Keep digging for ideas
Mr. Vikram Srivastava
Former Creative Head, Radio Mirchi
  • News is that which is out of the ordinary and deals with facts
  • News content should be direct, concise and active
  • Create an environment with words
  • News features focus on the social impact of a news event
  • While writting features you have to be descriptive
Ms. Juhi Rani Kaul
Former Producer, NDTV
  • Indian Event Management industry is poised to touch Rs.7000 crores in the next few years
  • Event management is all about executing & managing difficult tasks
  • Event managers are dream merchants - they sell dreams
  • An event management professional should always be prepared for a curve ball
  • The industry requires you to strive for constant innovation
Raman Raheja
Noted Sports / Event Management Expert & CEO, Super Sports
  • Social Media is all about social engagement - Like / Share / Comment
  • Content is the key
  • Evaluate content before you circulate
  • Videos are more popular than blogs
  • Duration of video should not exceed 3 minutes
Sabah Kazi
Former Entertainment Editor,
  • Managing events in a professional manner is event management
  • Events are quintessential for brands today
  • Team work is the key to managing a successful ever
  • An event manager needs to be an excellent planner
  • Always remember: the purpose of the event will determine much of the planning process
Sujata Soni Bali
Noted Director, documentary Filmmaker and CEO, Miraan Productions
  • Social Media has the power to amplify information and ideas
  • It is a dynamic and a two way means of communication
  • It enables easy access and is a cost effective medium
  • Social Media leads to less spillage and greater focus on target group
  • Social Media news is in a narrative form
Ajoy Bhan
Noted Advertising Guru and Formerly : Senior Creative Director, J.Walter Thompson
  • Smartphones are the best & Fastest mediums to capture & post news
  • A journalist has to be extremely responsible while using social media
  • Digital has ushered new & interesting experiments in Indian journalism
  • Not just startups, but traditional media giants are compelled to take the digital route
Harpal Singh
COO, Go News
  • PR agencies are storytellers for brands
  • Public Relations revolves around content
  • Your network is your biggest asset
  • For PR professionals, good relations with journalists and media are very important
  • A PR specialist is an image shaper
Pooja Pathak
Co-Founder & Director, Media Mantra (PR)
  • Commercial Radio were setup for Revenue Generation
  • RJ performs multiple roles such as programming, scripting, PR etc.
  • Music management is the backbone of Radio Programming
  • RJ needs to make comments on news related to politics, culture, community welfare and media are very important
  • A RJ needs to be versatile and cool
Manika Gaur, Noted Radio Jockey & Former Promo Producer, Big FM
  • News features is the combination of hard news and creative writing
  • There is use of suspense, irony, humour and sensitivity
  • News features have a lot of layers and they have the flexibility of subject
  • When writing a feature, always ask ‘what is the viewer’s benefit?’
  • They involve below the surface analysis
Juhi Kaul, Noted Documentary Film Maker & Former Producer, NDTV
  • Media is the national social parliament
  • Right to Information has truly empowered people
  • It is the duty of the media to question the government
  • And it is the responsibility of the government to inform the citizens about its working
  • There are 10 agencies under Ministry of I&B that undertake communicaitons, advertising & publicity for various Ministries & Departments of Govt. of India
Dr. Umakant Mishra, Formerly Director General, Press Information Bureau, Ministry of I&B
  • Good is the enemy of Great!
  • Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude
  • Progress has been possible because of creative thinking
  • Creative thinking demands breaking rules
  • Spend time with Thought Leaders
Samuel Rufus, Noted International Trainer of Creativity
  • Media business is the best business to be in
  • Indian film industry is worth $2 billion
  • Entertainment & media industry is recording robust growth
  • Bollywood is essentially story-driven, for Hollywood technology tools are important
  • One must seek mentors in one’s field
  • Mr. Lall also spoke about the legendary Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose Based on whose life he penned the book ‘The Man India Missed the most: Subhash Chandra Bose.
Mr. Bhuvan Lall, Executive Chairman, Lall Entertainment
Filmmaker, Writer, Entreprenuer & Investor