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Recent Industry Interactions

  • Economic journalism is all about economic news and trends
  • It’s all about facts and one has to find the reason behind those facts
  • Print media will grow and continue to be read
Mr Arindam Mukherjee
Editor, Outlook Money Magazine
  • To become global one has to go digital
  • Consistency is the key for everything
  • Key to any successful post in social media is engagement and quality content
Ms Gurnoor Kaur Behl
Founder, House of GKB
  • PR is now a multi-channel universe which is way more accountable
  • PR creates a relationship between the in-house & the external public
  • It’s not what you say, it’s about how you say
  • If your customer does not understand what you are talking about, then your words won’t affect them
  • Winners create history, losers don’t
Ms Pushpa Nair
Noted Marketing & Communication Professional, Former Director (Strategy), Perfect Relations
  • The vision and passion to work should be extraordinary
  • Always be a workaholic and be ‘Kaam ka Aadmi’
  • Setting new trends and breaking the stereotype is not being flawed, it is a type of behavioural presentation
  • Stop listening to your comfort zones, be honest to the core and improve your weak sides
  • It’s essential to have guts and start working with dedication and loyalty
  • Pessimism is the biggest hurdle in disguise
Ms Rubika Liyaquat
ABP TV News Anchor
  • Things have taken leaps & bounds with the advent of the internet, however, print media still exists
  • 4Ps of Marketing– Programmatic Marketing, Permission Marketing, Performative Marketing and Participative Marketing
  • Functional, personal and collective benefits make a meaningful brand
  • Meaningful brands these days are – Google, Amazon, Uber, Ola, Paytm, Swiggy, Jio, etc. which have made life easy
  • Life is all about attitude, skill and knowledge
  • Success is the perfect blend of effort, luck and time
Mr Mohit Joshi
Managing Director, Havas Media Group (India)
  • Planning, organising and executing an event is Event Management
  • Qualities of a good event manager – temperamental, should have inter-personal skills, flexible, creative, keen learner, passionate, enthusiastic and a leader
  • Anything can go wrong but it’s your responsibility to keep calm and find a solution to it
Ms Sujata Soni Bali
Founder Director, Miran Production
  • Digital is a world which looks never-ending but sets in with an expiry date
  • This is the age of negotiation and not of rebellion or isolation. Everyone is now a 'Missionary of Modernity'
  • The time is now for skills and not hobbies
Mr Atulit Saxena
President (Brands), Future Brands
  • The longest journey starts with the first step
  • Make the most of whatever lies in front of you and leave a mark in your work
  • Radio is the most important medium of communication which will always be there
  • The power of radio lies in a direct and vocal connect for illiterate audience as well
  • Don’t judge any field for pursuing your career
  • A good RJ is one who is aware of and connects with people by understanding the intricacies
RJ Simran Kohli
Founder Director, Speak for Change Foundation
  • News has changed in the ways of presentation – from reading to over the camera to presenting it from the teleprompter
  • News presentation is an art of vocal, digital and technology –integrated into a single frame
  • The news for digital should be concrete to 8 words per sentence
  • An anchor should always be witty and speculative to ask questions, dig out answers and should keep the audience engaged
  • The opinion of a Journalist should be informative and not biased to spark controversies
Ms Palki Sharma
Noted News Anchor, WION
  • A Journalist should always focus on bringing out the truth without remaining silent on either good or bad without misusing the power of press
  • To read and to gain practicalities is the base to new Journalism
  • Editorial & headlines are the most essential components of news but views and opinions are not
  • Technology must be befriended with as it has merged with live news which is why news becomes more impactful
Mr Sayeed Ansari
Deputy Editor & Anchor, Aajtak
  • Communication can beat every single sphere of the society
  • Wallpapers, hoardings and many artistic symbols help us to understand the communicational period or session
  • Words can be retained but not the visuals
  • When there is a change you start liking it
  • YouTube channels have become important features in this digital world for every individual and especially for villagers
Mr. Raj Kumar Jha
Consultant Strategic Communication Planner, Ogilvy and Mather
  • The greatest enemy of Creative Thinking is the first correct answer
  • Good is the enemy of great
  • Technology, targetisation and personalisation define media of today
  • Equidistant and neutrality are important
Samuel Rufus
Noted International Trainer
  • Critical Thinking is very crucial in mass communication
  • One needs to be creative and innovative in their approach
  • Learning process is never ending even a CEO learns something new everyday
  • If you can dream it then you can do it
Dr. Anurag Batra
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief - BW Businessworld

A Film on A.R. Rehman follwed by the Discussion (Directed by Umesh Agrawal)

  • It is important to feel passionately about the subject of your documentary
  • Technology has democratised film-making
  • In depth research is of paramount importance
  • Pay attention to legal and copyright issues from the get go!
  • A tight script and an interesting story go a long way
Mr. Umesh Agrawal
Noted Film Maker
  • Managing events in a professional manner is event management
  • Events are quintessential for brands today
  • Team work is the key to managing a successful ever
  • An event manager needs to be an excellent planner
  • Always remember : the purpose of the event will determine much of the planning process
Ms. Sujata Soni Bali
CEO, Miraan Productions Events
  • Emotion in the voice of an RJ connects with the audience
  • A great RJ is always spontaneous
  • RJ's have a certain madness. But there is a method to it
  • Connecting with the audience is very important
  • RJs have a knack for forging a relationship with their audience
Ms. Simran Kohli, Noted RJ
Formerly with Red FM, Radio City
  • Redirect yourself towards learning and experience
  • Positive attitude is the most important asset for a student
  • Normal is boring. Creativity is the need of time
  • Change your words, you will change the world
  • Boldness and curiosity are the bedrock of creativity
Mr. Sam Rufus
Noted International Trainer of Creativity
  • Print journalism will always have a future
  • Clarity & Brevity Should be there in your language
  • Don't complicate your sentences
  • Morality & Ethics are the cornerstone of journalism
  • Access is important to key people but it shouldn't be mistaken as proximity
Mr. Ruben Banerjee,
Editor at Outlook Magazine
  • Redirect yourself towards learning and experience
  • Positive attitude is the most important asset for a student
  • Normal is boring. Creativity is the need of time
  • Change your words, you will change the world
  • Boldness and curiosity are the bedrock of creativity
Mr. Raman Raheja
CEO, Super Sports & Event Management Professional
  • Communication is a two way street
  • News is something that interests the public
  • As a journalist, your job is to ask questions
  • Digital media has given way to instant journalism
  • Twitter has hijacked breaking information
Mr. Pradip K. Bagchi,
Senior Editor, Time of India