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A skilled orator has mastered the skill of distributing information in the most influential manner. Effective communication skills can not only enable you to excel in your current workplace, but they can also lead to a new profession as a public speaker and influence others’ thoughts, minds and actions. You can enrol in a mass communication institute to imbibe the necessary communication and presentation skills. Here are some excellent suggestions for becoming a successful and influential orator to help you enhance your expertise.

Written by Chayyanika Nigam in New Delhi

Aspiring to be a journalist? But do you have what it takes? Good writing skills are not enough, there are several other important qualities needed to excel as a journalist and become a shining star in the media fraternity. Do you know what an Editor looks for in an individual who can join his team as a journalist? Curiosity, critical thinking, hunger for news, nose for news, a desperation to tell a good story, credibility, accuracy, timeliness, fairness, balance and media ethics…

Over the century, the way we interact and communicate has changed drastically. From the early 1920s, when the first radio programme was broadcast in India, to the current digital age when everything is available at your fingertips, the way we disseminate information to the masses has evolved dramatically. Today, as we stand amid a technological revolution, mass communication continues to be one of the fastest-growing career fields in India.

Mass Communication is one of the few industries that offer lucrative career options and provide unique opportunities to express your creativity. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular career choices after doing the Mass Communication programme.