Tuesday, August 04, 2020
"DESIGN" is Universal
It knows no BOUNDARIES, Cast Creed or RELIGION...

All the Way
With no fixed DESTINATION
- Reetu Betala (Director, AID)

Industry Feedback

  • “I have been chasing AID since months for hiring Graphic Design students. I look forward to interacting with the students during the Graduate Show and hire some great talent.”

    Ms.Namrata Singh
    Assistant HR
    Protiviti Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • “We are looking for Creative Specialists for our Content Production CoE Department , which is the primary Content Creation Group within the India based Marketing Shared Services. Kindly share the profiles and CVs of your current students and Alumni for our Gurguram and Noida locations.”

    Ms. Manognya Reddy
    Principal Oracle Talent Adviser
    Oracle Global Recruiting
  • “I came across Apeejay Institute of Design and saw good working enviorment for students to flourish their creativity and produce good work.I wondered if there is a possibility of connecting and working collaboratively with you to get some students for internship at my company.”

    Mr.Abhishek Sharma, Design Founder
    Colored Cow
  • “Excellent work by students, great faculty. Good Institute, beautiful work, like the confidence students have.”

    Ms.Vishakha Sharma
    Mr.Neeraj Sharma
    UA Consultants
  • “This institution enshrines a new concept and is the first of its kind in India. It aims to educate youth in skills. . .”

    (Late) Mr. Khushwant Singh
    Renowned Author, Writer
  • “I am taken by surprise. The thoughtful works are very impressive. I wish the faculty and the students lots more luck and dreams fulfilled.”

    Ms. Ritu Beri
    Renowned Fashion Designer
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