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The multi-tiered Biosciences program has a three pronged approach viz., teaching, research and extension activities.

The industry-integrated courses:

  • Add value and impart skill sets to science graduates & post graduates improving job prospects.
  • Cater to the great demand for highly skilled technology personnel in the very competitive biotechnology/ pharma / healthcare industry as well as R & D and teaching in academic institutions catering to different levels of requirement.

FULL TIME COURSES (with custom designed modules to suit requirement of different streams)

PG Diploma Analytical & Molecular Techniques (PGDAMT)

PG D Clinical Research & Molecular Diagnostics (PGDCMD)

PG D Biomedical Laboratory Technology (PGDBLT)

PG D Bioinformatics (PGDBI)

PART TIME COURSE (Flexible Modules. Timings to suit in- service personnel)

PGD Clinical Trials & Data Management (PGDCTM)

The custom-designed modular curricula seek to produce manpower with skill sets to match the requirements of the industry as well as teaching and research in academic institutions.

Learning environment
Innovative student participatory teaching methodologies among the best in the country geared to stimulate original thought and independent effort in students.

Most striking feature is the individual attention, warm ambience and a strong student-teacher rapport, rendering learning an enjoyable experience, conducive for creative thinking & personality building, sensitizing the student to his/her own enormous potential, bringing out the best.

The students will be meticulously groomed thru custom-designed flexible syllabi, in accordance with their inclination and proficiency, in a student participatory environment and individually chanelised into areas of their choice.

Quality teaching ensured
UGC-MERP guidelines followed in toto. Computer-assisted teaching, interactive group teaching with Tutorials, Seminars, Net- based Assignments, Early research orientation thru Societal Learn-while-Serve projects. Extra-credit/non credit Capsules.

Broad base with foundation core courses & flexible cafetariaapproach with niche-specific career-oriented electives ensure strengthening of basics, freedom of choice & enhanced utility.

Flexible modular courses impart indepth knowledge of principles & applications in frontline areas of Animal, Plant, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Sciences and provide hands on training in sophisticated biological technology and pharmaceutical techniques viz. purification & characterisation of biomolecules, molecular & immunological techniques, microbiological & tissue culture, DNA technology (PCR, RAPD, Sequencing), spectrophotometry, chromatography, electrophoreses, radiotracer methodology, immunodiagnostics (RIA, ELISA), analytical, pharmaceutical & clinical chemistry, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, data mining, data management.

Two months rigorous internship
All courses with add on 2 months rigorous industry/ lab hands-on experience attached to premier industry/ medical instt /CRO/ hospital / research institute / university. Facilitated by the institute in accordance with the inclination and proficiency of students.

Full time flexible courses comprise 2 - 3 semesters with modular capsules for students from different streams.
Part time flexible course is specially designed to suit in-service personnel.

BSc, BAgri, BTech, BPharm, MBBS, MSc, MTech, M Pharm, MD, MCA (with BSc Bio)
Cut off for admission : min 55% aggregate bachelor degree

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