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Curriculum is supplemented with several activities to enhance the intellectual ability of the students. Like:

  • Interactive sessions- Weekly seminars, Group discussions, Brainstorms.
  • Organizing Camps
  • Skill enhancement workshops
  • Early research orientation assignments thru society relevant projects
  • Data Generation And Analysis

Apart from curriculum, various recreational-cum-academic activities to boost overall personality of the students will be organized from time to time. To name few:

  • Event management by students (conduct of national international seminars)
  • Personality development workshops
  • Adventurous nature trails
  • Spoken english
  • Theatrical acts
  • Learn-while-serve Biology outreach camps in rural himalaya
  • Awareness Campaigns

Science for Society : Extension Programs
Education sector : Scientific knowledge base is crucial to efficient utilization of natural resources generating wealth (material and spiritual) for a nation in terms of better health, education, infrastructure etc translating into improved quality of life.  

One of the missions of AIBCR is to develop a scientific attitude in young students sensitizing them to the enormous biological resources of India, scientific rationales for the management and conservation of which still remain to be developed.  Alas ! Metros with good basic science education hardly have any biological diversity and schools in rural areas which abound in biodiversity do not offer proper science !  Schools and colleges in rural India are ill equipped and in a dismal state.  Science is being taught mostly thru theoretical class room lectures with hardly any practical / applied input - invariably by indifferent teachers totally insensitive to students’ needs ! And the teaching methodology typical of the Indian education system is information fed, didactic rather than inquiry-based and inspiring...We propose to change this all...

In association with renowned dynamic science teachers of Uttarakhand and Apeejay schools in NCR we have commenced a network for teaching support and counseling in schools of western himalaya. Our Biology outreach science-thru-environment, science-thru-computers, learn- while-serve student participatory research-oriented programs bring science to rural areas which abound in biological diversity esp the Himalayan terrain   This involves:

  • On -site camps in villages for interactive brainstorms, computer sessions, GDs,  nature trails & bird-watching, problem solving assignments for research orientation - data base. Also audio visuals on environment/ biodiversity/health/hygiene.
  • Periodic  organisation  of  workshops at a central place for school children to provide a viable student participatory platform in a warm natural ambience where learning would be fun opening up intellectual avenues.
  • Organization of workshops for school teachers for strengthening of student-centric skills  

Health care and Nutrition

  • Organise health check-up camps in association with State Health directorate/ medics and paramedics to bring modern diagnostic tests, hitherto severely lacking, in rural interior  –on the spot basic blood/urine/sputum tests issuing Health cards (new concept for Indian villages !)
  • Conduct  surveys to provide database on dietary micronutrient – iodine in endemic goiter zone (team members conducted surveys in remote villages in District Chamoli viz., Sawar, Dewal, Melmanda, pokhrigad, Rain –  incidence of of iodine deficiency disorders and iodised salt usage etc)
  • Generate  the much required database on iron & vitamin A deficiency, and Reproductive and Child health status to provide prerequisite infrastructural information for adequate health management (research team members conducted surveys on child Intelligence quotient and motor dexterity in four villages of Tehri Garwhal, Uttarakhand, Pjuaar gaun, Uppu, Sohankoti, Gyuldi.)

Develop community participatory entrepreneurship for dietary protein rich source e.g. Tofu Soy cheese (soybean is an abundant local crop in high altitudes).

To develop and introduce several varieties of milk cheese (goat, buffalo, cow)  thru fermentation units preferably in association with Indo-French NGOs.

[email protected] Education Society 2009-2010 The AES is a social commitment of the Apeejay Stya and Svran Group
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