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Apeejay group of well known educationists takes pride in having brought, for the first time ever, leading scientists of the country on the same platform with eminent industrialists to jointly :

Generate quality technical personnel with skill sets to match the specific requirements of the very competitive biotechnology / pharma / health care industry as well as R&D and teaching in academic institutions.

Cater to the desperate demand for quality man power in the rapidly growing:

  • Knowledge intensive biotech based business
  • Health care industry (pharma, contract research, clinical trials, clinical data management)


The 21st century is being hailed as the era of biology. The advent of biological technology, has cut across all disciplines, (bio)chemistry, (bio)physics, (bio)medical, agricultural, forensic, veterinary, social sciences, etc impacting all sectors of society in an unprecedented way across education, industry and healthcare. Understandably the biotech / biopharma industry alone in India is expected to reach 25 billion by 2015.

Furthermore, India is fast becoming the preferred destination for clinical research for MNCs owing to relatively low cost of manpower, IT strengths in data management, strong educational and research infrastructure, pool of qualified doctors, strong Industrial base in Healthcare and Biotechnology, Conformity to Quality Guidelines, High incidence of infectious/ lifestyle diseases.

Consequently enormous job opportunities have been and are being created in the aforementioned sectors (60,000 jobs available in biotech based industry in 2009-10 vide Biospectrum 2007; clinical trials projected to become shortly one billion dollar revenue industry vide Mckinsey report 2007).

However, on the other hand, surveys reveal a tremendous crunch of technical personnel with specific skills to match the requirements of the very competitive biotech /biopharma/ biomedical industry, meeting barely one third of the demand (Suman Govil & Shublata Sharma 2007, DBT, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi). Modern bio / biotech labs based in universities, institutes and hospitals are equally starved for technical personnel.


  • The country poised to become a global force and the thrust of knowledge society shifting towards knowledge economy calls for a re-definition, re-location and re-organization of knowledge base & its use -especially in the context of fast growing knowledge intensive Bio-businesses (Biotech / pharma) and Bio-services (health care).
  • Without losing time, quality-work force is to be erected not only to match the massive MNC outsourcing but to cater to different needs of the domestic industry at various tiers and that of basic sciences research laboratories as well.
  • Education can not remain the sole domain of educationists any longer. Industrialists must join the fray and play an equally active role in the generation of industry relevant quality human resource.

Considering the dire need the Apeejay Svrán group has taken the call for a concerted cohesion, first time ever, of quality education providers with industrialists, based in bio-business, already serving the country. In collaboration with industry associates Martin & Harris Pvt. Ltd, ASG Biochem Pvt. Ltd. & Walter Bushnell Health Care Pvt.Ltd., a high profile multi-tiered program has been launched to cater to the needs of knowledge intensive biotech /biopharma/ health care industry at different levels of employment, as well as that of academics.

The present educationist-scientist- bioindustrialist- combine is eminently suited for the launch because of access to :

  • A well established 40 years of educational network (12 top schools, 11 reputed institutes of higher education) with an enormous, interdisciplinary, quality work force allowing new industry-integrated programs.
  • Innovative, inspiring student-centric, student participatory pedagogy.
  • Counsel and expertise of top class leading scientists- cum-educationists (distinguished fellows of the Indian Science Academies).
  • Know-how and capability of top class industries.
  • Opportunity for hands- on industry / biotech laboratory experience.
  • Brilliant, dynamic faculty members trained in the top laboratories of the country and abroad, possessing cutting edge technical expertise/skills and dedicated to teaching & research.
  • existing latest high tech infrastructure (state of the art technology, instrumentation and laboratories) in the quiet environs of gurgaon conducive for higher education.
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