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Pre-Primary School Activities

Learning through Activities

To encourage participation and enhance the overall personality of the child various activities are involved in our teaching strategy:

  • Morning Assembly is organized for developing moral, human and spiritual values in students. We all express gratitude to God for wonderful gifts like one’s parents, family and comforts. Exercise is an integral part of the Assembly.
  • Story telling and story making –Through dramatization and role play we present tales of courage, togetherness, tolerance, love and patriotism.
  • To build confidence, self- esteem and independence we encourage free and structured conversation.
  • We use computers for teaching concepts.
  • Flash cards, blocks, pebbles, twigs etc. are used in free Indoor Play.
  • Nature Walk and Picnics are organized to develop aesthetic sensibility and love for nature.
  • Music and dance creates harmony, recharges and provides refinement to mind. It also supports the development of coordination and large muscles. Hence it has an important place in the pre-primary curriculum.
  • Rhymes and songs.
  • Class Magazine is compiled to promote team spirit and develop confidence amongst our students.
  • Art and Craft activity helps the child to express freely and openly.
  • Puppet Play – Stick, finger and glove puppets are made and used by the students as props for role-play, story narration and self-expression.
  • Water Play is used to develop concepts as Wet/ Dry, Sink/ Float etc.
  • To develop Team spirit and Co-operation we encourage sports and games. Balancing, jumping, climbing, swinging etc. is included in outdoor play.
  • Other activities/ Games include Listening games, Imagination games, Language games, Animal games, Rhyming games, Music games, colour games, Sand Play.
  • Camps are an interesting and innovative way of encouraging camaraderie, companionship and fostering qualities like leadership, tolerance and spirit of independence. Students were sensitized on the following:
    • Save – electricity, fuel and water
    • Use paper, cloth or jute bags
    • Use solar energy
    • Grow more trees
    • Use separate bins for organic and inorganic waste
    • Stop pollution- air, water and noise
    • Prevent forest fire
    • Do not litter
    • Work together



  • Art-a-form-of-expression-1
  • Art-a-form-of-expression
  • Class-1-Play
  • Conscious-Citizens-Grand-Banyan
  • Conscious-Citizens-Grand-Banyan2
  • Dance
  • Exhibiting-diffferent-states-of-India-1
  • Exhibiting-diffferent-states-of-India-2
  • Exhibiting-diffferent-states-of-India-3
  • Exhibiting-diffferent-states-of-India-4
  • Exhibiting-diffferent-states-of-India-5
  • Exhibiting-diffferent-states-of-India
  • Hindi-Skit-1
  • Innovative-ideas-put-together-Earth-Day-1
  • Join-hands-to-save-earth-
  • Join-hands-to-save-earth-2
  • Kerala
  • Mathematics-Quiz-1
  • Mathematics-Quiz
  • State-tableau-1
  • State-tableau
  • Students-Playing-Tennis-1
  • Students-Playing-Tennis-2
  • Students-Playing-Tennis-3
  • Value-Week-1
  • Value-Week-2
  • Yoga-with-competitive-spirit-1
  • Yoga-with-competitive-spirit-2
  • Yoga-with-competitive-spirit-3
  • Yoga-with-competitive-spirit-4