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National Achievements

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    • Activities
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      • School Activities

        Inter House competitions form an integral part of the school curriculum so whether it is skill or elocution quiz or best out-of waste, games or yoga, all competitions are held with verve and gusto and are aimed at highlighting the importance of sportsmanship for bringing out, the best of compelling spirit of young players.

        Apeejay School, NOIDA, provides various opportunities for training of students for leadership. The school provides this training through two official bodies- PREFECTORIAL BOARD and THE SCHOOL COUNCIL. The school is further divided into four house systems – GANDHI HOUSE, NEHRU HOUSE, RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE AND TAGORE HOUSE. These houses are looked after by a team of House Prefects and House Wardens.

        The four houses not only symbolize high values, but at Apeejay our students are also trained to be messengers of these values, not only within the school boundaries but to take them far and beyond.
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      • Enrichment Programmes For Teachers
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      • Enrichment Programmes For Students
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      • Crafts of The World

        On April 9th 2012 students of class III,IV,VI embarked on a dynamic project “Crafts of the world” wherein the project leader Devyani Arabolu along with the co-teachers had an initial brainstorming session with them. The students were showed important documentaries of UNESCO. To improvise the project they were also shown a PowerPoint presentation to initiate them into researching about the crafts of the selected countries.

        Chronologically the activities were conducted as follows

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    • Events
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      • Silver Jubilee Celebrations
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      • School Events
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      • Exploring Global Frontiers
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      • Celebrating Festivals

        In our multicultural society we need to instill and enforce the universal values of brotherhood, tolerance, peace, compassion, patriotism and solidarity in our children. A celebration in the form of special assemblies is an effort to sensitize students towards living in harmony in a diverse society. They are taught to learn to use their thinking ability and skills to work for a safe and better world and to live in harmony with their fellow beings.

        Baisakhi and Ram Navmi, Earth Day, Mothers Day, Doctors Day, Grand Parents Day, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Janamashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Eid-ul-Fitr, Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti, Dussehra, World Food Day, Diwali, Guruparv, Children's Day, Christmas, Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal, Republic Day, Basant Panchami, Martyr's Day, Maha Shiv Ratri were all celebrated with great enthusiasm.

        • Basant-pamchami-celebrations-(1)
        • Basant-pamchami-celebrations
        • Children-day-rock-concert-(1)
        • Children-day-rock-concert-(2)
        • Christmas-celebrations-(1)
        • Christmas-celebrations-(2)
        • Christmas-celebrations
        • Deepawali-celebration
        • Dussehra-celebrations-(1)
        • Dussehra-celebrations-(2)
        • Dussehra-celebrations-(3)
        • Dussehra-celebrations
        • Eid-celebrations-(1)
        • Eid-celebrations-(2)
        • Eid-celebrations-(3)
        • Eid-celebrations-(4)
        • Eid-celebrations-
        • Ganesh-Chaturthi-celebrations-(1)
        • Ganesh-Chaturthi-celebrations-(2)
        • Ganesh-Chaturthi-celebrations-(3)
        • Ganesh-Chaturthi-celebrations-(4)
        • Ganesh-Chaturthi-celebrations
        • Guruparab-celebrations-(1)
        • Guruparab-celebrations-(2)
        • Guruparab-celebrations
        • Independence-day-celebrations-(1)
        • Independence-day-celebrations-(2)
        • Independence-day-celebrations-(3)
        • Independence-day-celebrations
        • Janmashtmi-celebrations-(1)
        • Janmashtmi-celebrations-(2)
        • Janmashtmi-celebrations
        • Lohri-celebrations-(1)
        • Lohri-celebrations-(2)
        • Lohri-celebrations-(3)
        • Lohri-celebrations
        • Onam-celebrations-(1)
        • Onam-celebrations
        • Raksha-bandhan-celebrations
        • Republic-day-celebrations-(1)
        • Republic-day-celebrations-(2)
        • Republic-day-celebrations
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(1)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(2)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(3)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(4)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(5)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(6)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(7)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations-(8)
        • Teacher-day-celebrations
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    • Feedback
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    • About
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    • Curriculum
      Education at Apeejay is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner and learning styles. Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic & logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligence by adopting innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the students. This opens up pathways to a holistic and harmonious development of the young learners.
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      • Pre Primary - Curriculum

        Education at Apeejay is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner and learning styles. Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic & logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligence by adopting innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the students. This opens up pathways to a holistic and harmonious development of the young learners.

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      • Primary Curriculum


        The Primary education module is designed to follow the axiom “Discovering the syllabus is more important than covering it.” We believe that the student should have mental access to assimilation along with physical access to learning. In accordance, the working schedules of classes I and II have been designed in such a way that they have “short respite” periods after every 45 minutes of learning. This helps them to come back ready and refreshed for the next session of classroom learning. The concept of “classroom library” (classes I to V) gives the students direct access to books in their own classroom. Every day after assembly, 10 minutes of reading time enhances and enriches their language skills.

        Children idolize their teachers to capitalize on this. Every day there is “Guru Vani” where a teacher expresses her thoughts on any topic through stories, anecdotes etc.

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      • Middle & Senior Curriculum

        Our primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion; to promote a spirit of enquiry; to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism; to help the student become a meaningful part of his environment and to see that courage and integrity have their due reward.

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    • Admission

      Nursery Advertisement 2016-17

      The aspirant parents may approach the school for admission of their wards to classes Nursery onwards. Admissions for Classes KG to IX are subject to the availability of seats against outgoing students. No admissions are granted in Classes X and XII.

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    • Infrastructure
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      • School Building
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      • ICT Infrastructure

        In Apeejay Schools, students and teachers have access to the best of technology. Here, technology is not only used to enhance the teaching learning process, but also each and every domain of the school's functioning.

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      • Science Labs

        The Science labs have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the students. The labs are spacious enough to accommodate the entire class and the students get work stations to work independently without getting disturbed. The labs are equipped with latest equipments. In order to cater to the needs of students, the labs have internet facility so that the students can access any information regarding their project and experiment at any time. Audio visual aids are extensively used to teach students. To enable this, the labs are equipped with a large screen television.

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      • Hostel
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      • Others
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    • Achievements
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    • Activity Calendar
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    • School Infrastructure
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    • Latest News
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    • ISA Activities


      Activities Undertaken for International School Award

      Apeejay School, NOIDA one of the leading schools of Delhi-NCR is known for imparting “Value Based Education of Global Standards”. The School is now poised to join the league of 250 elite ISA accredited schools of India.

      The ISA is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level in teaching practices by adding an International Dimension in its curriculum and for making Innovations to the classroom interaction and transactions.

      At Apeejay, we have always placed a lot of premium on Internationalism, Collaboration, Research and Innovation. We made constant endeavours to improve and incorporate innovations in our classrooms. Thus, being a part of the ISA journey, is a natural choice for our school. The ISA will open vistas for our students to gravitate towards an experiential learning which remains ”value oriented”. It will give our students a global edge and perspective on team building, innovation, project management. We are already equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs, internet facilities etc, and the ISA will further hone our students skill in research work, social outreach and community building. In short , it will help us to break new grounds, scale new heights and ‘soar higher’.

      The School has already initiated various activities as a part of the programme. The school is already geared to meet this Leadership Challenge.

      Here’s a glimpse of some of the activities that are already underway:

      ISA Science Quiz

      Noida, July 29, 2015: The Department of Science conducted an inter-house ISA Science Quiz based on the topic 'Munching Mania'. Student from classes IX and X participated in the same. The purpose was to familiarise the students with good and healthy eating habits, food quality control agencies, food adulterants, etc. The event was presided over by the School Principal, Senior Academic Coordinator and HOD, Science. The audience comprised students from Class X. The quiz was very impactful, effective and informative for all as it contained not only a mixed bag of questions but also questions which were a visual delight and dealt with various aspects of ISA & Science in general.

      The results of the quiz are as follows:

      • The first position was bagged by Nehru House with a score of 85 marks.
      • The second position was bagged by Radha Krishnan House with a score of 65 marks.
      • The third position was bagged by Tagore House with a score of 45 marks.
      • The fourth position was bagged by Gandhi House with a score of 40 marks.

      Fest O Rama

      Noida, August 8, 2015: As a part of the ISA activity, Fest O Rama 2015, the Primary block students explored the global cuisine of India, US, Peru, Japan, Ghana and Portugal. Dishes related to the festivals of these countries were prepared and presented by 185 students of Class V who were clad in festive dresses and chef caps. Maps of all the countries, recipes of the dishes and charts on the selected festivals were also prepared and displayed by the students in the multi-purpose room.

      The budding chefs were appreciated by the guest, Mrs. Manisha Jain, a renowned chef from Country Inn. The participants greeted the guests in the local languages of the countries they represented. Teachers from different departments also visited the venue and applauded the commendable endeavour of the students.

      Stamp Designing Activity

      Noida, August 2015: 145 students of Class V participated in Stamp Designing activity, which was also a part of Fest O Rama 2015. Students designed stamps of the countries they represented and displayed them, along with the maps of the respective countries, on the soft boards in their classes.


      Workshop on Healthy Eating Habits

      Noida, September 9, 2015: An interactive PowerPoint presentation and a talk were presented by Dr. Mamta Sengar (Paediatric Surgeon) and Ms. Shipali Kapoor (Dietician) from Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya Hospital, for the students of the Primary Wing (Class IV).

      The presentation was a part of an ISA activity, Munching Mania, concerning nutrition, hygiene and developing healthy eating habits amongst the students. Students also learned about the significance of eating healthy food and maintaining hygiene. They also participated in a quiz and discussed healthy & interesting menu for their daily meals.



      Noida, August 20, 2015: Students from classes VI-VIII participated in 'Festo-Rama', an ISA activity. Enthusiastically, students showcased the culture, cuisines and monuments along with information about the national flag of USA, Peru, Ghana, Portugal, India & Japan. Attired in traditional dresses, students staged beautiful shows depicting the lifestyle, culture & staple food of these countries. This activity widened the horizon of the students.

      Korean Fairy Tale Story Telling Workshop

      Noida, August 17, 2015: A Korean Fairy Tale Story Telling Workshop was conducted in the school auditorium which was organised as a part of the ISA activity in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center. Three stories, 'Mr. Moon and Miss Sun', 'The Faithful Daughter Sim Cheong' and 'The Woodcutter & the Heavenly Maiden’ were performed by the artists in different story telling styles.

      The story telling workshop was conducted in two sessions for classes IV and V. All the characters were brought alive by the mono act performances which were applauded by one and all. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a rich global cultural context to the young minds and exchange multicultural preferences vicariously, using story telling as the medium.

      The importance of developing a global curriculum was reiterated when the students could relate to various nuances of the fairy tales from Korea. They also learnt the Korean greetings and musical rhythms. It was a great learning experience for the young ones.




      The Heritage Quiz

      Noida, January 21, 2013: The Heritage Quiz was conducted on January 21, 2013 for Class IV & V to sensitise the students to appreciate & preserve the cultural heritage of the world. The preliminary round was held on December 17, 2012 where all the students of classes IV & V participated in a written round. The top scorers from each section qualified for the final round.

      The quiz helped to develop among the students – research skills, the ability to gather information, evaluate their own knowledge base & update information level.

      The quiz was a wonderful learning experience for the students, teachers as well as the parents who were present on the occasion.

      My Feathered Friends


      Noida, November 23, 2012: As a part of the ongoing ISA project, the students from Nursery-II class of Apeejay School, Noida, participated in the activity “Birds – My Feathered Friends” from November 19, 2012 to November 22, 2012.

      The aim was to create awareness about the birds found in different countries, their sounds, food and habitat. The countries selected were Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia and India.

      The students collected data about different aspects of ‘Birds’ and maintained a record. Power Point presentations were also shown to the students. Shuttle cocks and clay were used to make beautiful models of birds.

      Also, an exhibition was held on November 23, 2012 where these were displayed for parents and guests. Students dressed as national birds of the above mentioned countries, performed the ‘Birdy Dance’. The clay models and other creative activities were greatly appreciated by the visitors. The Project was a huge success.

      Currency - The World in my Pocket


      Noida, December 4, 2012: Class IX students of Apeejay School, Noida presented their respective power point presentations on “Changes in the values of currency in terms of Indian rupee”, as a part of ISA activity on “Currency world in my pocket” on 4th December, 2012. The trends in Foreign Exchange Rate were studied for 6 countries, namely – UK, USA, Japan, China, Philippines and Australia. The audience gained knowledge about the importance of studying various Forex Rate trends.


      As a part of the ongoing ISA project, the students of classes V–VIII, of Apeejay School, Noida, recently participated in the above mentioned activity held at the school.

      The culmination of the students’ efforts actualized in the form of a ‘Virtual Market’ created by the students on November 26, 2012. The markets were a reflection of the allotted country’s economy, history and socio cultural aspects. The countries selected were Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, Philippines, China, UK, USA. The market teemed with enthusiastic buyers, making a beeline for the food stalls, jewellery stalls and much more. As in the real world, in this simulation too, China seemed to hold its sway with attractive and reasonably priced goods. The markets also had counters of money changers to give an authentic touch. Students gained a firsthand experience of using foreign currency, converting dollars, yens, pounds into rupees and got acquainted with different denominations of money circulated in the world markets.

      The parents and students enjoyed the process of money exchange and the ambience of the aesthetically done up markets.


      Surviving Disaster - A Project on Disaster Management

      The project addressed the need to spread awareness on natural disasters in the immediate surroundings and to increase preparedness. Research on susceptible disaster areas and efforts made by countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and Italy were undertaken.

      • Teachers did intensive research work to educate the students with the help of a presentation on Disaster Management in Japan, Turkey and India.
        Class Room sessions were conducted in all sections of class VIII by the Social Science teachers through which they oriented the students towards “Disaster management – its need, preparedness by different countries like Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and Italy including building construction and warning system, response and mitigation”.
      • On 7th September, 2012 – Collages and fact files were made by the students of class VIII. Each section of class VIII was further divided into five groups. All the students brought the inputs for their projects in the form of write-ups and pictures. On 10th September, the projects were collected.  The projects were shared and discussed in the class.  

      pdf A Project on Disaster Management

      pdf Italy Sesimic Zones

      pdf Indonesia and Japan

      Activity 10.1 – Study on earthquake prone areas

      Students of class VIII prepared PowerPoint presentations on seismic zones and earthquakes. They also participated in a group discussion and a written quiz.

      Activity 10.2 – A study prepared on rehabilitation efforts

      Project on tsunamis and its aftermath – a study was conducted on rehabilitation efforts in Indonesia and Japan presented through PowerPoint show and fact files by the students of class IX.

      Activity 10.3 – Generating awareness through a Mock Drill and First Aid training for handling earthquake aftermath

      • On 4th September, 2012 students did a “Drop, Cover and Hold” activity as part of earthquake preparedness. On being instructed by their teachers, they dropped to the ground, took cover under their desks and held on to it until the school alarm bell was sounded.
      • On 6th September, First Aid training was given by the school nurse, Suzy. Students made five charts on First Aid and two First Aid boxes as well.
      • On 12th September, 2012, a team of ten members led by inspector Mr. Deepak Kumar from National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Greater Noida visited Apeejay School, Noida for conducting a workshop “Surviving Disaster - Safety in School” for students of classes VI-IX. Instructions were given to undertake a mock drill.
      • The students not only learnt about the precautions to be taken before and after any natural disaster like earthquake, flood, fire, but also got hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used during relief and rescue operations. Students especially admired the role played by the search dog, ‘Razia’ in the rescue mission. The programme culminated in a mock evacuation drill.

      Global Citizen Summit

      The project aims at a collaborative effort for studying and understanding the presence of other countries beyond their geographical entity, through a study of their socio-economic conditions, historical backgrounds and current and relevant issues that are affecting the global environment. The project will enable the students to perceive their role as global citizens and prepare them to be global ambassadors.

      Activity 9.1 – Preparing creative Project Files and Reports

      The students of classes IX and X participated in the Global Citizen Summit. They did an extensive research on the geographical features, historical backdrop, foreign policy, socio-economic conditions and cultural aspects of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Germany, France, Somalia, Maldives, USA, Australia and China. Students prepared informative and detailed project files on these countries. These project files and reports were showcased in an exhibition on 25th August, 2012 in the school premises during parent-teacher interaction. Their efforts were lauded by the Chief Guest, Ms. Sapna Sehgal, eminent architect; Principal, N.N. Nayyar and parents.

      pdf Activity 9.1: Global Citizen Summit


      Activity 9.2 – Transcending The Global Boundaries

      Some students of classes IX and X prepared informative PowerPoint presentations on the above mentioned countries. They dressed up as nationals of their respective countries providing a rich glimpse into the respective cultures.

      pdf Activity 9.2: Transcending Global Boundaries


      Activity 9.3 -  “Ambassadors Of Tomorrow”

      The students from classes IX and X participated in a “Declamation Contest” on Human Rights Policies of different countries like Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, France, Somalia, Maldives, USA, Australia and China. The student delegates focussed on the need for effective implementation of the Human Rights Policy. They presented their views after a thorough research on the country allocated to them. Ms. Surabhi Gupta and Ms. Salila Shashikant adjudged the event. The then Principal, Mr. N. N. Nayyar, emphasised on the responsibilities that come along with such rights.

      Activity 9.4 - Group Discussion activity

      To bring about awareness regarding climate change and the suggested measures to formulate a global resolution, the students of classes IX and X participated in a group discussion. The students represented countries like Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, France, Somalia, Maldives, USA, Australia and China. After extensive research and collaboration, they identified the nature of challenges faced by their country in the wake of climate change. Some students exchanged information through email regarding the contemporary challenges faced by other countries.

      A detailed discussion and brainstorming resulted in their drafting a resolution to be adopted and implemented by the member nations to meet the challenges arising out of climate change. The then Principal, Mr. N. N. Nayyar, presided over the event and appreciated the efforts and involvement of the students in becoming responsive and aware citizens of the world.

      Activity 9.5 – A visual treat through creative collages

      All students of classes IX and X collaborated to prepare collages depicting the rich and diverse culture of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Germany, France, Somalia, Maldives, USA, Australia and China. The colourful and aesthetically prepared collages were not only a visual treat but also a great learning experience at a glance.

      The Spirit of the Games – Olympics

      Activity 8.1: Special Assembly on The History of Olympics and India’s Participation in London Olympics

      Students of classes V and VI of Apeejay School, Noida participated with enthusiasm to present a special assembly after the commencement of the London Olympics 2012. A powerpoint presentation was also displayed showcasing the history of Olympics and how they developed into what we see today as Modern Olympics. Students were dressed as and represented the Indian medal winners at London Olympics. The assembly concluded with a joyous singing by the school choir.

      Activity 8.2: Olympics Heroes

      The students of all sections of class VII did a poster and collage making activity on the topic “Olympic Heroes”. Each section selected an achiever of the Olympics, collected details about his/her life and the records made by them at the Olympics. Through this activity the students gained motivation while following the life stories of these Olympic legends while they learnt about the importance of team work and collaborative spirit.

      Activity 8.3: Debate

      “Olympic Dreams are unviable for poor nations” – The students of class VIII conducted an opinion poll through a printed questionnaire. A team of 2 students represented each of the six sections of class VIII. A final debate was held on 31st of August, 2012 which was judged by English resource teachers. An open house was conducted at the end and the students raised their own point of views. The activity helped students to develop analytical skills and public speaking skills. In the same event the students of class IX conducted research and organised their data under lesser known disciplines of Olympics.

      Activity 8.4: At The British Council - New Delhi

      In continuation with the ISA project – The Spirit of the Games – Olympics, three students of the school visited the British Council, New Delhi on 30th of November, 2012. This visit was to participate in the Programme of the British Council – English for the Games.

      The chief guest was Mr. Krish Srikanth, the famous Indian Cricket player, who was also the head of the Cricket Selection Board BCCI. In his motivational speech, he asked the students to understand the importance of English language and its role in today’s world. Citing examples from his own life, he also thanked Cricket for teaching him English to such a high level that now he does English Cricket Commentary for various T.V. channels.

      The programme ended with an open house session with Mr. Srikanth.

      pdf Activity 8 - London Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012

      How Green is Your Valley?

      activity5The project “How Green is Your Valley” aims at creating awareness about human dependence on trees. It also entails a study of forest types across the globe and efforts being made to protect the green cover.


      Activity 5.1

      activity51In this project, class V students were involved with the study of medicinal plants of the world and benefits we derive from them. The activity involved:

      a) Introduction of the topic through a Power Point Presentation
      b) Preparation of collage work and scrap book
      c) A quiz
      d) Display of the work done by students


      Activity 5.2

      Class VI students studied about flora and fauna, forests of the world and the problems of deforestation and efforts to protect the forest wealth. The activities involved were

      a) Introduction of the topic
      b) Display of students work

      Activity 5.3

      activity53Class VII students were involved with research of rare and endangered plants of the world.

      a) Students created a fact file and learn about ecosystems that sustain them.


      Activity 5.4

      Class IX students did a comparative study on the impact of urbanization on the green cover of selected cities i.e. London, New Delhi, New York and Tokyo.

      a) Students presented statistical data
      b) Created an action plan

      Energy Conservation

      ISA activity for the Middle and Senior School

      The project aims to generate awareness about the energy crisis affecting many countries and the need for conservation. It aims to initiate a study on the various methods by which energy conservation is being pursued in other nations and thereafter finding a suitable model that could be followed in India.

      Activity 4.1

      activity41Class IX students designed a model of an eco-friendly building that follows the principles of energy conservation and also conducted an online survey of developed countries like U.S.A, Norway, U.K and Singapore on architectural design building material, cooling methods, lighting system and energy conserving household appliances.

      They shared their concepts through e-mails with their friends in other countries (USA, Norway and Singapore) An exhibition of the students’ work was organized on the day of Parent Teacher Meeting. Everyone appreciated the efforts of the students and teacher. Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Akhil Agarwal, Chief Design Officer, National Thermal Power Corporation.


      Activity 4.2

      activity42Students of class VI-VII designed fun games for generating awareness about energy conservation.


      Activity 4.3

      Students of class VIII made collages of slogans on energy conservation in different languages like Hindi, German, Urdu, English and French.


      Activity 4.4

      activity44Students of class XI made models showing new methods of generating electrical energy from non-conventional sources of energy like hydroelectricity. They interacted with their counterpart Mr. Anisur Rahman of Dhaka, Bangladesh who gave some valuable inputs on power generation in his country. The project model was named “The HAT SAK PROJECT”, the group comprise of S. APARNA, SRISHTI VAJPAYEE, HIMANSHU SUKHPAL, AKHIL KAUL, KARTIKEYA ARORA, TISHIR CHHAPARIYA of class XI. In their project, they displayed electricity generation using waste water and sewage water. The model shows how electricity can be generated by this method. Though it is a non working model, they tried to put every necessary detail required to understand their interpretation of the idea and the basic concept. They have shown that each floor of the building has its own “Waste water collection tank” constructed below it. All the sewage water and wastewater is collected in the tank. Moreover there is a rain water harvesting on the top of the building which collects all the rainwater. There are various pipelines connecting all the different tanks of the building which then finally drop the water forcefully on the turbine placed at the bottom of the building. The turbine moves, and the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. The electricity is then used for lighting purposes etc. The wastewater left after the electricity is generated, is then filtered. The fresh and clean water is stored in a tank, which can later be used by the residents, while the sludge is sent to Biogas power plant, where electricity is generated from it.

      Another group of students from class XI; Krithi Cariappa, Aditya Srivastava, Arushi Sharma, Ishita Srivastava, Nimisha Johny, Shivam Singh and Samanvay Sharma made a model on “Binary -Cycle Power Plant”, a type of Geothermal Energy Plant for generating electricity.

      Activity 4.5

      activity45Students of class XI; Saqib Javed, Kartik Joshi, Aditya Sahai, and Rahul Anand, made a PowerPoint Presentation on Energy Conservation/Production Policies of different countries like Bangladesh, Japan, United States of America, Singapore and compare these strategies with those of India. They did in depth research on this topic which help them gain immense knowledge. They prepared a PowerPoint presentation on a comparative account on energy conservation policies followed by the government of the countries like United States, Japan, Singapore and Bangladesh. This was presented to the audience in the School auditorium.


      Activity 4.6

      Students of class XI staged a street play generating awareness about energy conservation.

      Foods and Weather of The World

      Activity 3A: Foods of The World

      activity3aThe students of Pre-Primary and Primary Classes I and II, Apeejay School, Noida enjoyed a feast of different foods of the world India, China, U.S.A and Italy This may taken up as a part of various activities Under ISA by British Council of India. This was very informative and gave exposure to the children to explore the world through food, people and countries and their flags. The various activities conducted were as follows:

      A special assembly on food was organized by Pre-Primary students on 23rd July. A Power Point Presentation familiarized them with the flags of the countries along with their cuisines.

      On 24th July, children sang a special song written and composed by their teachers, accompanied by talk by the children. Children were asked to bring food items of different countries in their lunch boxes during the week ( 23rd - 7th July). The ingredient of the food items were discussed with them.

      They were given worksheets to match and colour food items with their corresponding countries’ flags.

      During the week(24th -27th July ) students of K.G made collages are of food items ( 24th to 27th July).

      On 27th July, an interactive, informative and fun filled quiz was organized with the help of a PowerPoint Presentation.

      An exhibition on “Foods of the world” was held on 28th July on the Parent Teachers’ Meet. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Akhil Agarwal, CDE, R&M Dept, NTPC. The students and teachers put up a grand exhibition in a tableaux form which was followed by live performance.


      Activity 3B: Global Weather

      activity3bStudents of Pre-Primary were assigned the project of Global Weather under ISA Project in the month of July 2012. In this project, different types of weather of the famous cities of the World like New York, New Delhi, Sydney and London were observed.A special assembly was conducted on global weather conditions. They prepared a weather report and a weather calendar as well. They wore attires of different countries. A PowerPoint presentation was followed by an enthralling song. Children observed model of the temperature scale showing the comparison. They drew weather symbols and conducted a quiz on the topic impressive exhibition was held showcasing all the projects related to weather.


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